Winter Vegetable Soups to Keep You Warm and Healthy (15+)

Winter is Coming’… Literally!

If you ask me what’s so nice and comforting about winter, I’ll say it would be the long nights (since I enjoy sleeping) cuddled under plush fleece blankets, slippery walks on snow and watching the pristine flakes fall stealthily on the window pane. Winter also reminds me of Christmas celebration with family, the puddings and gifts and of course New Year’s countdown with friends. Yes, winter is definitely in me.

However, what I love the most is the part where I get to relish sumptuous, spicy and curried vegetarian dishes such as winter vegetable soups. Although I am a foodie and I have an incessant knack of trying different cuisines, the relief a bowl of hot soup gives you when it is 15 degrees below 0 is indescribable.

So  I am here to share some of my favourite Winter Vegetable Soups to Keep You Warm and Healthy.

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21 Winter Vegetable Soups

1) Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Dried White Wine

The soup is so creamy that you may doubt the core ingredient to be cream. A perfect engrossing dish for cauliflower haters. Find the recipe here

2) Roasted Vegan Soup


This Moroccan dish is what you need for a late evening meal with roasted roots and aromatic spice mix. And here’s how you can make this dish.

3) The all-time Mushroom Soup

A thick and creamy appetizer with mushrooms and cashews and with the right ratio of tanginess of lemon. Recipe Link

4) Winter Roasted  Veggie Bisque


Roasted veggies along with cream and fresh spices – a perfect and homely burst of taste. Get the recipe here 

5) Root Vegetable Soup

Another flavourful stew brewed with parsnips, carrots, turnips, onions, butternut squash and celery. Link to the recipe 

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6) Vegan Lentil Soup


A very simple yet rich in flavour soup, the ingredients of which can be easily found in kitchen. Recipe Here

7) Fiery Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Peppers are best for chilly evenings. The roasted flavour adds good texture to this vegan soup. You will find the ingredients and method here

8) Spicy Multi Root Soup


One of the possible ways to consume this soup is along with freshly baked multigrain bread. Try the recipe from the link

9) Classic Curried Soup (Gluten Free)

This classic curried soup can be put together with left out ingredients on the counter. Recipe here 

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10) Quickie Vegetable Soup


A very simple and refreshing stew. Quick fix recipe here

11) Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Soup

A healthy and everyday soup that’s very filling. Make your tummy with the recipe

12) Crunchy Kale and Potato Soup


Potato, Kale, Rosemary and Garlic is the perfect combination for a relaxing winter evening. Find the link to the recipe here

13) Slow Cooked Red Lentils and Vegetable Soup

Lentil Minestrone is my all-time favourite winter vegetable soup. Recipe here

14) Asian Vegetable Broth


This dish has flavourful ingredients such as thyme, garlic, Asian greens, basil and star anise. preparation recipe here

15) Pumpkin with Turnip Soup

Classical soup with a sweet and hot taste. Find the link to the soup

16) Vegetable Soup With Chickpeas


Anything with chickpeas is definitely winsome and tasty. Find the recipe here 

17) Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup

A very traditional soup that’s quite frequently prepared. Wanna try the recipe? 

18) Classy Vegan French Onion Soup


This vegan version of the traditional French onion soup will definitely relax you. Recipe Link

19) Delicious Vegetable Stew with Herb Dumplings

A filling and healthy soup that can be served as a main course. Know how to prepare the soup here

20) Leeks, Turnip and Potato Winter Soup


A mouth-watering creamy soup, perfect for cosy winter dinners. Find the recipe link here

21) Chunky Winter Vegetable Soup

Best served with bread rolls, this is also a quickie and family favourite soup served in my kitchen. Find the recipe to the chunky soup here

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So these were my hot favourite winter vegetable soups that I make sure to brew every once in a while. The best part with these recipes is they are filled with excellent proportion of nutrients chunked out from veggies. Some of the recipes are laden with heavy cream, but a cheat meal a week is okay, I say.

Dear Readers,

I would like to know which one did you like or it would be great if you share your favourite winter soup with us.