Why Women Desire Men Who Can Cook?

It’s our first Valentine’s together and the idiot gives me a bouquet of French Fries!! – It’s when I knew, this one’s a keeper.

Well isn’t it one of the secret wishes of the entire woman kind? That the man of the house and her heart can cook?

You know what, I have read somewhere and I am very sure it’s a true story that, ‘if you are looking for some sugar, spice and holds the nice, then you need a man who cooks. If he knows his way around the kitchen, then it is guaranteed he will know the way around you and around most intimate parts of your life.’

In fact men can make their ladies hot under the skin by switching on an oven than turning on a gear box of a machine. And mind you, we are not talking about Chefs here; well that’s their profession whatsoever, but don’t you agree that there’s something smoulderingly arousing with those banker, artist, doctor and engineer men who brew coffee like a pro?!

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How your man spices it up says a lot about him:

Cooking is almost like a performance of art (you know what I mean right, ahem ahem). So, there’s this efficient group of ladies (I deny to take names) who did some kind of study and research on their respective beloveds for fun, and guess what they discovered? Each man’s pattern of cooking has lot to say about his personality.


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The Goal Oriented: The first lady’s husband loves to follow directions written on packaged meals or in magazines. He finds convenience in knowing the framework but however adds his own special touch and seasoning. Similarly, in real life he is an achiever with set goals and priorities without faltering.

The Experimentalist: Another lady said that her boyfriend is quite an extrovert; loves socialising and partying, shares experiences and appreciates people for their work. When it comes to food, he loves trying out unusual things and likes to experiment with ingredients (although, ends up burning dishes most of the time in the process).

The Nurturing: Likewise, a guy friend of mine is extremely nurturing and caring. In fact he has pulled me out of difficult situations selflessly, many a times. His concern and love for humanity totally reflects on the way he serves food. He takes a lot of time to prepare a meal that reminds him of his mom or his wife’s recipes.  While he might not be health conscious when selecting the ingredients, he does expect compliments for his cooking skills. (This type of man is also a keeper).

These were just few; we did gather many other interpretations such as that vegetarian man who has passionate love for animals, that health freak who measures everything and anything in life, the actor whose meals are as fancy as him with lots of creativity and so on.

P.S. – All these are just friendly, grown-up ladies interpretations. We solemnly ask the young girls not to choose their man based only on these clarifications.

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Delicious Reasons Why Women Desire for Men Who Can Cook

Over the years we have witnessed how relationships and lifestyle have evolved. The expectations from each other also have changed. While the assumptions are endless, and since we dedicate to keep things at the lighter side, let’s see the common reasons why today’s ladies secretly desire for a man who can cook;

1) They believe in gender equality

Guys who generously take the domestic skills such as cooking definitely believe that men and women share the same space and equality in the society.

2) Shows that relationships are not stereotypical anymore

Stereotypical boyfriends like to be treated and pampered with food when gals are not looking for such kind. A best way to a woman’s heart is through her kitchen door. And a man who serves food to his woman serves millions of hearts.

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3) A great helper when sick

When sickness becomes you, all you would need is someone (especially, your partner) who can help you in and around the kitchen or make you a cup of coffee or brew you some stew.

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4) I love you served in platter

What is a million dollars’ worth love note? Once in a while when you are late home from a lengthy meeting and haven’t found time to grab something to eat, you smell aromatic waffles wafting from the kitchen. Love served in Platter, it is!!

5) Sexy looking cooking partner

And finally, Men look extremely hot and sensual when they are at the kitchen counter. So, when guests are coming in you will always have someone to share your culinary expertise and help set up a lovely dinner for the friends.


The Good News…

While we know what women think about men who can cook, men also have similar views on the subject. Study reveals many men have acknowledged the fact that cooking gives them a purpose and meaning in relationship quite strangely. They also affirm that it strengthens their bond and helps bring each other closer which is quite a task with our current lifestyle playing in the background. Activities like cooking and eating together is now an important couples’ goal which is widely being appreciated by both the genders.

So dear ladies, let us know why you think men are more desirable when they know to woo their women with their cooking skills?

Please share us your honest views and thoughts on the topic in comments below.