What Will Happen if you Drink Red Wine Every Day?

Are you one among those who love drinking red wine almost every night? You might have all sorts of mixed reactions cum opinions from your friends. Some might say it’s quite beneficial whilst some may say otherwise.

Well if you actually enjoy unwinding your cramped day with a glass of red wine and end up wondering what happens if you drink red wine every day then you’re at the right place. In this article you’ll get a fair idea about both the pros and cons of drinking red wine every day.

What are miracles that could be unleashed if you drink red wine every day?

Red wine has sparked interest in the mind of health enthusiasts due to the presence of polyphenols aka antioxidants. These are known to prevent cell aging and promote development of healthy cells and ward off diseases like cancer.

1) Protection against cancer and diabetes

Resveratrol present in red wine is known to prevent certain types of cancer from the neck, colon and head region.

A glass of red wine a day is known to guard your body against food poisoning, gastritis and stomach ulcers and cancers. Furthermore, women who drink red wine in moderation everyday are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes when compared to the nondrinkers.

2) Protection against memory loss and build bones.

Resveratrol present in red wine is known to prevent age related memory loss. Red wine helps in reducing inflammation of the brain and helps in preventing clots which could lead to the decline of brain health.

Red wine is also known to delay cell aging and helps in promoting the growth if new bone cells.

3) Helps fight weight loss.

Piceatannol present abundantly in red wine is known to bock certain cellular processes which could lead to the growth of fat cells.  Piceatannol works against these processes and can be thus used as an effective weapon for weight gain issues.

People who drink red wine moderately have lower body mass and are apparently seen having narrower waists and less fat in the abdominal region, owing to the fact that red wine encourages to burn extra calories from your body.

4) Protection against dental issues.

Red wine is known to ward off certain harmful bacteria and is known to enhance your overall dental health.

However every story has two sides to it. The dark side of drinking red wine every day could cause severe problems with regards to your health if not dealt moderately.

1) Wine could expose your body to certain cancers.

Drinking red wine in excess every day could increase the chances of breast cancer in women. Furthermore, it could also increase risk of developing liver, mouth, bowel and throat cancer.

2) Unnecessary addiction

Addiction to alcohol isn’t a great thing, drinking red wine every day could lead to an addiction and getting it under control could be quite cumbersome.

So what would be the right way to go about drinking wine?


Drinking red wine every day is a safe option for those who are afraid to try out other alcoholic drinks with the fear of the underlying dangers. To reap all the benefits of red wine one must drink in limits. The quantity of red wine which is considered in moderate limits could range from 1 glass per day for a woman to 2 glasses per day to a man. However anything in excess could cause harm for your body.

In sum, red wine when drunk in moderation is definitely going to do wonders for us. Just be mindful when you think about going for that next glass of red wine.

So are you all set to enjoy that sip of wine tonight?