The Ultimate Post Breakup Menu (9 Foods to Forget Your EX)

sad with breakupBreaking up with your partner can be one of the most emotional and heart aching things that you can ever endure in your lifetime.

Overcoming this ordeal can be a major issue for you, as nothing would seem right or even remotely enjoyable.

However, this is where you can cling on tight to the one thing that would never ever fail you, no matter what the circumstance maybe. We are of course talking about food.

This is very crucial time for you to forget your ex and you might not be able to take care of your health. So, these 11 Eating Habits That Will Help You Stay Fit Without Exercise .

Hook up with Food to Overcome the Pain

Yes, that’s right, food is the best solution. It can certainly satisfy your taste buds and it can also help you to ride the storm in the most lovely and heart-warming way.

So, let us take a look at 9 food options that you can decide to eat to make yourself cosy and comfortable—mentally and emotionally— after a rough break up.   

1. Ice Cream

This is the first thing that you should straight away opt for when you break up with someone you loved. Ice-creams are always cool, tasty, fantastic and of course mouth-watering. There’s no replacement for ice-cream.


Ice cream

Ice cream, especially of the flavour of your choice, can really help you to overcome any sort of emotional ordeal. In fact, every breakup process should mandatorily be competed with an ice cream of personal choice, as both you and your partner will find solace and closure with it.

2. Chocolate

Any type, kind or sort of chocolate—even the one from Willy Wonka’s factory— can help you to overcome one of the most stressful times in your life. Chocolate can easily aid you to lighten up your mood.


It can help you to forget all the sorrows and the miseries of your ex. In fact, we must stress on the fact that a piece of dark chocolate can really rejuvenate your life.

3. Pizzas

A double cheese margarita with extra cheese: it can even help you to forget your own name, let alone a break up. It can be like Christmas in your mouth.

The most ordered ‘after breakup Italian dish’ that everyone single person on this planet has eaten. Yes, people love Pizzas so much that they eat it to forget all worldly problems of their lives.



Pizzas are considered as the holy grail of the breakup-menus. And, it should be eaten by you to boost up emotional status by forgetting all the pain.  

4. Deep Fried Snacks

Nothing beats that oily treat! Fried snacks are always the favourite of all gluttons. And, it can become the best friend to a recently dumped or ‘singled’ human.

Deep fried snacks

There are many fried snacks in the menu that can help you to forget the past. We’d recommend you to first go for the popular dishes like Fried Waffles with cream, Fried Dumplings or even Fried Finger Chips.

5. Cakes

Cakes denote celebrations and anniversaries— however, here, the cake works as a break-up antidote. Any piece of cake can lift up your spirits, so that you can understand that being single is not curse but rather an opportunity.



Trying out the Cup-Cakes, Cheese-Cake or the Fresh Cream Cake can really help you to get over your old relationship, that too in a jiffy!

6. Something Sweet

Apart from ice creams and cakes, you can even eat sweet dishes and other desserts to forget all about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Go for that yummy brownie you had been vying on the menu for a long, long time.  

Something sweet

And, once you are single, you can also try out all the fancy treats that you missed and avoided because you were in a relationship and you had to be fit and slim for it. Sigh!  

7. Traditional Delicacies

You can be a fan of Thai, Chinese, French or even Indian food. We recommend you to go for the dishes and the restaurants that you love the most—and yes it can even be Lebanese, as we just want you to smile again.


Traditional delicacies

Many people love having pasta with white sauce after a rough breakup. Its spices and taste of the Mediterranean helps a person to forget the pain and the disappointment.

8. Caramel Flavored Popcorn

The mother of all comfort foods! Popcorn with your favourite sweetener coating; what more can you ask for?

Caramel flavoured popcorn

So, take a bowl of this and call your BFF and rant and whine about your ex now.

9. Fruits

Well, this might come to you as a surprise but fruits can literally help you to overcome your breakup in a very logical way. Science is of course involved—but it is understood that fruits are rich on antioxidants and that alone can boost your ‘happiness’ levels.

You might like this 23 Mouth Watering Fresh Fruit Salad Ideas (That Aren’t Boring!) to get some fresh fruit salad ideas.



Besides, imagine all the experimentation you can do with your fruit bowl. You can begin by adding chocolate sauce and a bit of vanilla ice cream for start.

So, there you have it, the food delicacies you can opt for right after your breakup to give your taste-buds—and your emotions and happiness—a chance to fight and overcome the torrid situation.

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Food of course depends on one’s taste and choices, so if you feel that you have some other dishes to offer to this list then feel free to do so in the comment section for social help. As, during the difficult times, all we need is some peace and a great bite of the thing that we love the most—food!