11 Healthy Types of Tea & Their Surprising Health Benefits

image-8A cup of Tea is, of course, this planet’s most popular beverage and the second most consumed drink, worldwide, after water.

Tea is such a common drink that ardent fans of it consume it during the summers, as well as in the winters, in various forms and styles.

From around the world, you can get your hands on several tea types that you can make and drink to enhance your taste and tang.  

However, you will be surprised to know that some specific types of tea leaves have some specific healing powers and health benefits.

So, in order to give your curiosity some rest, let us check out these types of tea and figure out which one’s health benefit will be best suited to our needs.

Here are the 11 types of teas and their very surprising health benefits:

11 Types of Teas & Tea Health Benefits

1) Black Tea


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Black Tea is the most common type of tea that people drink and it subsequently serves to 75 percent of tea drinkers worldwide. Black tea leaves come from Camellia Sinensis Plant, after which they are fermented, dried, rolled and then crushed to bring you that kick of caffeine.   

Black tea tastes very raw and bitter thanks to the amount of caffeine it possesses, which nearly is as equal to what a cup of coffee gives us.   

Black Tea Health Benefits:

tea health benefits1

Filled with high amounts of antioxidants like the thearubigins and theaflavins, black tea, if taken regularly, can easily lower your cholesterol levels.

Some studies have also noted that consuming 3 or even four cups of black tea can cut the chances of stroke in you by 21 percent.

2) Ginger Tea



Many very commonly gulp this caffeine free beverage when they need the extra zest in life. Since the main ingredient of this tea is ginger and hot steaming water, you can easily guess that this tea is perfect for your health.

Ginger Tea Health Benefits:

Cup of ginger tea with honey and lemon on wooden table

Ginger has immune boosting, digestive, and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking Ginger tea can prove very beneficial for your immune system and for other stomach related issues. Ginger tea is also useful for curing headaches.

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3) Rooibos Tea


Traditional healthy red african rooibos tea in glass cup with spices on vintage table background

This particular South African herb leaf is quite popular in the circles of tea-drinkers. Famous as its other name Red-Tea, this particular tea is fermented and then used for consumption.

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits:

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With fragments and Flavonoids containing traces to fight cancer, this tea is popular amongst cancer patients.

4) Lemongrass Tea


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As you can guess, this particular tea comes from the lemongrass plant. The plant is used for culinary purposes also. The lemongrass tea also goes well with ginger, if you are thinking to add little extra taste to your cup.

Lemongrass Tea Health Benefits:

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The Lemongrass plant contains a very useful component known as citral. This citral helps our stomach to digest our consumed food quicker. Because of this, many serve the tea right after dinner for maximum health impact.

5) Yebra Mate Tea


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The Yebra Mate Tea, very popularly served at various juice bars, is slowly becoming one of the very popular tea types that humankind has discovered in all these years. You can brew it by toasting the leaves itself, which belong to the Aquifoliaceae spices and has the scientific name Ilex paraguariensis.

Yebra Mate Tea Health Benefits:

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The Yebra Mate Tea has matine and is very rich in antioxidants; thus, a cup of the blend can easily boost up your metabolism.

6) Nettle Tea


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This caffeine free tea has many acts up its sleeves and it belongs to the Urtica from the Urticaceae clan. If you just look at the tea health benefits this particular cuppa provides, you will be amazed.

Nettle Tea Health Benefits:

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The tea has antihistamine properties that can dodge allergies, stuffy nose and hay fever.

7) White Tea


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Geared up with EGCG, White tea is a low on caffeine beverage that you can drink regularly to boost up your health.

White Tea Health Benefits:

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White Tea can provide you with satiety and thanks to its polyphenol and antioxidant properties, the tea can easily help you with colon and other types of cancers.   

8) Matcha Tea


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Belongs to the family of Green Tea, Matcha is blended with hot water for preparation. The drinker consumes the whole leaf portion of the Matcha tea. And, this alone makes the tea very impactful, and one of the best tea health benefits that you can derive from a beverage.  

Matcha Tea Health Benefits:

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With minerals, nutrients and vitamin A, C, E, K, and B-complex, along with catechin polyphenols on board, this tea can easily become your next natural energy drink.

9) Green Tea


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Green Tea comes from teal eaves that are high in catechins and contains vitamins like C and E. Made from sinensis leaves, you can brew Green Tea in several styles. Regularly consumed by many tea drinkers worldwide to boost health, this tea can easily be considered as the best health drink you can ever gulp onto.

Green Tea Health Benefits:

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Green tea has the properties to prevent breast, lung, colon, bladder, and skin cancers. The tea also boosts metabolism and vitamin counts in your body. Green tea is useful for preventing issues like health issues, Alzheimer’s, Obesity and Parkinson’s.  

10) Mint Tea


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Soak up some mint in hot water, Mint tea provides you the taste and the benefits that you cannot ignore. Mint leaves are of various types like Spearmint or Peppermint.

Mint Tea Health Benefits:

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Good for digestion purposes to ease your constipation problems.

11) Oolong Tea


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Organically belonging to China, the Oolong Tea is dried in the Sun and oxidation before it is curled and twisted. The leaves of the tea contain antioxidants and catechin properties, making this the perfect afternoon sip.

Oolong Tea Health Benefits:
tea health benefits11

The look of the drink resembles black tea and has the power to boost your body’s metabolism rates. Oolong Tea can make your heart healthy thanks to its catechin. The tea is also good for metabolism boost within two hours of consumption.  

So now, you know what tea types you must hunt for when you go out for health shopping next time! If you liked the teas featured here, then please let us know by sharing and commenting on this article.

In addition, if you have any other healthy tea type up your closet, then why let us know about that too.