Warning! Are You Reheating These Foods That Could Kill You?

We stack up meals, don’t we all??

Our modern way of life has completely changed our food habits; from freshly grown veggies to processed junkies and from wholesome meals to stacked- up foods in freezers. At least it works fine for me. We are constantly in a rat race; we hardly find time to prepare a proper menu before we rush to work, let alone plan a complete wholesome meal.

One of our beloved kitchen companions is the ‘microwave’. Whether it is a Sunday night or Friday night, we always have the leftovers to reheat. But did you know there are certain Foods That Should Never Be Reheated?

A study has revealed that recooking few of the food items can be unsafe to eat, especially if they are wrongly stored. Listed here are foods that could give you some serious health issues if reheated.

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9 Foods That Should Never Be Reheated

1) Mushrooms

Mushrooms should not only be cooked the same day they are brought but should also be consumed the same day they are cooked. They have very strange and complex protein composition. Mushrooms when reheated go through changes in their protein structure which result in heart and liver issues.

Therefore, if you want to eat the food the next day, eat them cold.

2) Eggs

Eggs, be it scrambled or boil, if exposed to high temperature again and again may produce dangerous toxins harmful to your digestive tract. Also, the proteins present in them are destroyed when refried therefore dropping their nutritional values considerably. Hence eat freshly prepared eggs.

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3) Potatoes

Letting potatoes sit at room temperature for more than a couple of hours, instead of refrigerating immediately might promote botulism growth. Reheating such potatoes will also not kill the Botulism bacterium. So, the best way is to serve them immediately or if you plan to reheat, store them in the fridge and cook them in a medium heat.

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4) Chicken

Unfortunately, our beloved chicken meat is one such food that should never be reheated.  Chicken meat is rich in protein and hence reacts differently when reheated. So, if you want to recook the meat, make sure it is properly cooked and is piping hot from inside else it is always advisable to consume cold.

5) Spinach and Butter Lettuce

Spinach and butter lettuce are a good source for Nitrates. Recooking the leaves will convert the nitrates to nitrites and few known carcinogens. Nitrites can severe the oxygen level in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to eat the leafy greens cold.

6) Celery

Celeries are widely used in soups. But little did we know that its higher content of Nitrate can be toxic to health when it is heated in high temperature. Like in Spinach, nitrates in celery can turn into nitrites and cause imbalance in the blood flow. Therefore, eat your soup cold or remove the greens preheating.

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7) Rice

Rice if not stored in air tight containers after cooking will grow bacteria that cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Hence, it is highly recommended to store cooked rice in airtight containers until it is time to serve.

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8) Turnips and Beetroots

Turnip and beets are rich in nitrates. Reheating nitrate is highly health hazardous; therefore, either eat them cold or remove them from the dish before reheating.

9) Oils

Oils that have very low smoking point should be avoided for cooking purpose. Grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, avocado and walnut oil become rancid and recooking turns them into deadly trans-fats. Mustard oil, rice bran oil, sunflower and olive oil are certainly better for cooking.

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There is nothing in this world that science doesn’t have a solution. All you need is time to find the answers. Although these foods that should never be reheated cannot be thrown out of our menu since they are an important part of our daily meals, we have quite a few alternative cooking and reheating options. Use them effectively and stay healthy forever!!

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