7 Easy New Year Health Resolutions (No, It’s Not Weight Loss!)

We, oftentimes ignore the core component of our lifestyle – health.

Yes, health, which we generally take for granted, is the reason behind of our life’s many achievements and happiness. When we chalk out our new year resolutions, do we even consider improving our health? No, we don’t. Henceforth, this year let’s not think just about getting wealthy but let’s contribute in developing a sounder and progressive health. Because considering the saying ‘health is wealth’, we ought to start acknowledging the fact that a sound body inspires a positive outlook.


So, here we present some really simple new year health resolutions ideas which you can adopt in 2017:

1) Quit – Quit one bad habit. Try not to engulf yourself in jealousy, back biting and selfishness. You are a victim of someone else’s loathing too. Jealously and the likes will forever demean you and glorify the others. An envious and self-centred man stimulates negative thoughts which furthermore harm the body in multiple ways including chronic stress, depressive syndrome, lower immune system, headaches, higher chances of type-2 diabetes and heart attack.

Hence, quit them. And for our smoker buddies, you are not being requested to stop smoking right at this moment. It is not possible. But you could try one less every month? Everyone is aware of the damages smoking cause and with this initiative you would take a baby step towards a healthy standard of living.



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2) Nurture – You should start loving your body the way it is created. Most of the pictures we see on magazines are Photoshop effect. Hence, don’t go for it. Rather, start your day with meditation. Although, in the beginning you may find it silly but the more you practice, the more you would recognize your positive subconscious mind. A positive mind reflects in a healthy body.


15 minutes of meditation each day have wondrous effects such as

  • It helps fight depression disorders and anxiety
  • Increases concentration level
  • Prevents sleeping disorders
  • Improves focus, attention and efficiency at work.
  • Prevents heart diseases and brain stroke
  • Regulates blood pressure and boosts immunity
  • Prevents the risks of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer and even HIV

3) Travel – Research states that people who travel more live longer. The more you go out and about, the better will you be at accepting challenges and being independent. Travelling makes us to expand our mind, adapt flexibility in life and promotes physical activeness. Try adventure tours such as mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, scuba diving etc.



Also, taking a break in between busy and monotonous work life can help rejuvenate your mind and body.  

Save money for one leisure trip next year. You don’t have to plan something extravagant but make sure you plan for creating fond memories.

4) Embrace – Embrace a new hobby or a self- help technique. It does not matter what it is or how productive it is. But if it helps you to stay relaxed, stimulated and energised, then you should go for it.


Findings have affirmed that if one engages himself in an enjoyable activity or any cognitive behavioural therapy, especially when going through a bad phase, the benefits of such activities are associated with lower blood pressure, lower body mass index, less stress and depression level and higher level of psychological state.

Hobbies that you can adopt next year include painting, music, and dance, reading books, walking with your pet and cooking. 

5) Sleep – Now this can be the easiest of all resolutions. Did you know a sound sleep is the best present you can gift yourself? There are 100s of people who suffer from insomnia and despite being rich and contented they still feel low in energy, go through mental disturbances and other medical side effects.

Try to get into bed 10 minutes earlier each day.  If you want to sleep peacefully, then stay away from electronic gadgets (yes, your smartphone too) an hour before you lie down. Hot showers and hot milk promote good night’s sleep. Health benefits of sleep include;


Beautiful woman sleeping

  • Curbs down inflammations caused by heart disorders, diabetes, arthritis etc.
  • Prevents premature ageing , grey hair, dark circles and sagging skin
  • Improves cognitive memory and analytical thinking
  • Boosts basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Regulates weight loss

6) Cut – Cut down the word ‘diet’ this year. There’s nothing called dieting. We tend to create strict diet charts and end up eating more than before. Instead try to cut down unhealthy food habits and eat more nutritious food. It is easier said than done but in the long run you will save many trips to hospitals.

But remember, if you crave for that triple layered ice cream, go for it guilt free.

7) Say ‘Yes’ – Say yes to Yoga and Exercise. Yoga and physical exercises have tremendous effect in your mind and body. If not every day then try to act at least once in a week. The right asana and exercise will not only flood your system with endorphins but also aid in stress and anger management.


A simple act of walking to the nearest grocery shop instead of driving will do for starters.

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New Year Resolutions are created to effect. Hence, don’t make unreasonable and questionable aims but ensure you build those resolutions in the vicinity of your mental and physical health. Have a constructive 2017.

Dear readers,

“Which one of the new year resolutions will you consider adapting? Do you have any of your own? Do reply in the comments.”

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