20 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils for Every Kitchen (With Pictures)

Mixing bowls kitchen gadget- foodalayaSetting up a new kitchen is one hectic job! We always ponder if we have brought all the necessary must have kitchen gadgets and stuff. So I would ask you to bookmark this post when you’re gonna set up your kitchen for the first time.

This article will tell you all the essential must have kitchen tools and gadgets in the kitchen which will make cooking simpler for you.

In fact, all the items listed below are gadgets every kitchen should have which I use in my kitchen. I use them every single day. These are the must have kitchen gadgets without which you cannot prepare 90% of the food items. Here I shall present you with the most useful kitchen items every kitchen should have irrespective of whether you’re a novice or an expert at it.

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

#1: Immersion Blender

You can easily blend all your unique ingredients into one from soups to sauces.


Immersion Blender kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#2: Measuring Spoons and cups

You can easily measure away ingredients (1tbsp. ¼ and so on) while you cook.

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Measuring Spoons and cups kitchen gadgets - foodalaya

#3: Steamer

You can cook an entire meal using steam heat in a sealed vessel which limits escape of air or liquids.


Steamer kitchen gadget

#4: Grill

When it’s time to get together with your neighbours and have a barbecue party then this tool comes to the rescue by allowing you to grill veggies easily.

Grill kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#5: Stockpot

This makes life simpler by allowing you to make soups and broths instantly.


Stockpot kitchen utensil

#6: Professional Multi-Chopper

Now you can save prep time by chopping, slicing and coring using a multi chopper.

Professional Multi-Chopper Kitchen gadget

#7: Chef’s knife

One needs a sharp quality knife to chop, dice and prepare food with more precision and ease.


Chef’s knife kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#8: Pan

Pans come handy if you want to make a gravy or a side dish to go along with your rice or noodles.

Pan kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#9: Sauce Pots

You can easily heat up soups, sauces and liquids instantly.


Sauce Pots kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#10: Cutting board

Everyone needs a proper platform to cut vegetables. A cutting board is essential for your day to day cooking routine.

Cutting board kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#11: Vegetable peeler

In the mood for salads and a vegan diet? This must have kitchen tool lets you peel away the skins from vegetables and you can also make ribbons for your salads.


Vegetable peeler kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#12: Spatulas & Spoons

From tossing spiralized veggies to making soups everyone these tools! Right? We cannot use hands for it.

Spatulas & Spoons kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#13: Food Processor

The best sous chef you can ever find is a food processor! It helps you in almost everything.


Food Processor kitchen gadget- foodalaya

#14: Salt and pepper grinder

Take flavour to a new level by investing in a salt pepper grinder.

Salt and pepper grinder kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#15: Colander

You can rinse almost everything from vegetables to draining water from your noodles.


Colander kitchen gadget - foodalaya


#16: Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls are must have items which helps you get your recipe together and also your kitchen clean.

Mixing bowls kitchen gadget- foodalaya

#17: Grater

You would need a grater if you love some shredded cheese over your dish or some ginger zest to add an extra flavor for your dish.


Grater kitchen gadget- foodalaya

#18: Slotted Spoon

Are you struggling trying to separate out food from broth? Using a slotted spoon you can easily separate your food out from the liquid.

Slotted Spoon kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#19: Wok

Are you in the mood for some fried rice or noodles? This is the perfect tool to make one.


Wok kitchen gadget - foodalaya

#20: Covered Pot

Helps in cooking items faster by ensuring that the heat stays inside and doesn’t escape out with less or almost no oil.

Covered Pot kitchen gadget - foodalaya

These are the necessary kitchen gadgets one must need in their kitchen. What are some of your favourite tools in your must have kitchen items list? Please leave comments.

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