The Top 8 Methods To Water Your Garden

To maintain a beautiful and healthy garden, you have to water it regularly. This habit not only keeps the plants healthy but also calms down you from everyday stress.

There are plenty of options available to water your garden. You have to consider the garden size, water requirement, time you can spend, and the budget to choose the right system.

Keep you and your garden healthy and well-hydrated!

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Here are the 8 best ways to water your garden.

methods to water your garden

1. Using a Pitcher

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This common watering can is called a pitcher. A watering can is useful when supplying water for newly buried seed or small fragile plants. The mechanism is pretty simple and easy to control the water discharge. The only downside is the requirement of frequent refills.

For gardens with more small plants, this method will be pretty useful.

2. Creating Water Channels

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Furrows are shallow channels between raised beds of sand. These channels are used transport water from one point to multiple plants at the same time.

This is the cheap, most easy, and an old farming technique used by farmers. The only disadvantage is the excess supply of water for plants in the initial path and relatively less supply for plants at the last.  

3. Installing a Dripping Irrigation

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This is the most efficient watering system, where a perforated hose with tiny holes is submerged under the soil.

The Slow and constant supply of water ensures hydrated plants all the time. Also, this method prevents water wastage in the form of excess supply and evaporation.

Drip irrigation system is costly, but areas with water scarcity can save water by using this method.

4. Using Water Hoses

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A hose is generally used to water large plants in your garden, and also to fill water containers easily. Hoses can be bought in any specified length and it’s pretty cheap.

This method is considerably economical as the investment is only the cost of hose.

5. Installing a Rolling Sprinkler

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A most popular semi-automated watering system available in the market. All you have to do is, install them and just operate the water supply for a period of time.

Rolling sprinklers spray water all over the garden using an impact rotor. This is useful for large gardens where manual watering eats a lot of time.

But this is the most difficult to install, and an expensive method of watering your garden.

6. Submerging a Soaker Hose

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A Soaker hose uses rubber tubes with numerous tiny holes to leak water. This functions same as the drip irrigation. But a soaker hose is relatively easy to install it do not boast complex mechanisms.

Soaker hoses can be installed around the plants, or between rows of plants. It maintains good efficiency at a simpler and affordable construction.

7. Using a Center Pivot Irrigation

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This system uses multiple sprinklers on a single platform which can move around in a circular path. It can cover a large area of land with the help of high water velocity it can offer.

The method is best for large gardens, and ideal for substantially large flat lawns.

8. Creating a Basin Shape Around the Plant

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To avoid water wastage and ensure enough water supply to the plants, plan and make a donut mold shape around your plant, based on growth.

For big plants that require large amounts of water, make the basin bigger. Small plants can have smaller basins.

Use a hose for watering, and leave it inside the basin until water has reached at least 6 inches under the ground.  

Prepared with watering techniques for your garden? Share this with your friends and make them masters in watering their garden!

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