21 Really Simple Last Minute 4th of July Patriotic Recipe Ideas

4th of July means to celebrate freedom, letting go negativity, and accept the new tomorrow. Fourth of July also means family, fun, food and festivity. If you have already invited your friends over to celebrate The Independence Day, but if you have too many things coming up on the day, then you may want some simple last minute 4th of July recipes that can come to your rescue.

You know, at times it’s not always the ornate meals that help you get through a party; in fact it’s those trendy, colourful looking simple dishes that are most appreciated by people. Last minute recipes are always a hit when you have to make something in a jiffy with the use of minimum ingredients. They don’t carry the burden of hefty preparation to top it all.

We have here a collection of 21 last minute recipes, including drinks, tasty appetizers and desserts that are not only extremely simple but also creatively bring the festive red, white and blue together. So, come celebrate freedom with these amazing on the go recipes and enjoy some good and friendly vibes.

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21 Simple 4th of July Patriotic Recipes

1) Vegan 4th of July

Well, on my hit list is this 5 minutes Vegan 4th of July and honestly, it’s no bad deal at all!!


4th of July recipes 1

2)Red, White and Blue Pretzel Bites

If little ones are visiting you this Independence Day then you should enlighten them with the Red, White and Blue Pretzel Bites.

4th of July recipes 2a

3) Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

The Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries is a creamy and simple fruit dip that can be served with watermelons, strawberries, blackberries on this day.


4th of July recipes 3

4) Mini Cheese Parfaits

Nobody doesn’t NOT like these perfectly shaped, non-mushy Mini Cheese Parfaits; serve them as appetizers they are just perfect.

4th of July recipes 4

5) Captain America Cheese Cake

The Captain America Cheese Cake can be the perfect 4th of July recipe for your friends who are fond of finger foods.


4th of July recipes 5

6) Watermelon Fruit Salad

You can also try the Watermelon Fruit Salad for a refreshing beginning of the party.

4th of July recipes 6

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7) Chocolate Covered Strawberry

This Chocolate Covered Strawberry will surely woo your guests, just like it did woo us.


4th of July recipes 7

8) 4th of July Snack Mix

Another starter that’s very exciting treat for a summer party, the 4th of July Snack Mix will give you hope.

4th of July recipes 8

9) Berry Cheesecake Cupcake

All you need is to preheat the oven, rest everything can be summed up in 20 minutes. That’s why the Berry Cheesecake Cupcake is delicious.


4th of July recipes 9

10) 4th of July Ice-cream Dessert

Ingredients, 20 minutes and Boomm!!! A perfectly creamy 4th of July Ice-cream Dessert you and your guests can heartily relish.

4th of July recipes 10

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11) Strawberry Grilled Sandwich

This ought to be the freedom dish, the Strawberry Grilled Sandwich. What’s there not to love?


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12) Delicious Creamy and Tangy Pasta Side

This Delicious Creamy and Tangy Pasta Side will be ready in less than 20 minutes for the guests.

4th of July recipes 12

13) American Flag Cupcakes

Designed to inspire patriotism, The American Flag Cupcakes will definitely provide you with some extra kudos from your friends.


4th of July recipes 13

14) Avocado Salsa with Strawberry.

If you wanna do a non-traditional spin on pico de gallo, then try this Avocado Salsa with Strawberry.

4th of July recipes 14 15) Patriotic Poppers

If you want to meld autumn and summer excellently and present to your peeps, then The Patriotic Poppers could be your show stopper.


4th of July recipes 15

16) Red White and Blue Pie

The Red White and Blue Pie is as delicious as it looks. This is an easy cool, yoghurt pie with crumbly crust.

4th of July recipes 16

17) Refreshing Fruity Strawberry Tea

Kick the temperature and ward of the heat with this Refreshing Fruity Strawberry Tea.

4th of July recipes 17

18) Red White and Blue Punch

The Red White and Blue Punch has 3 minute prep time and Zero minute cook time, pinky swear!!

4th of July recipes 18

19) Festive Fruit Cocktail

This ought to be the freedom cocktail, this Festive Fruit Cocktail; what’s there not to love?


4th of July recipes 19

20) Blackberry Cocktail

Let’s start the day with some refreshing Blackberry Cocktail to cool off the summer heat.

4th of July recipes 20

21) Frosted Sugar and Spice Cookies

If you think Frosted Sugar and Spice Cookies are just for Santa, then think again because we have a whole new episode with Independence and Freedom… Long-live America!!


4th of july recipes 21So, Friends, it is not necessary that you have to prepare an elaborate meal that will take all of your time. These 4th of July Recipes will help you fix an easy yet appetizing 3 course meal just like that.

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