21 Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Every Cleanliness Freak (Tried & Tested)

Who doesn’t love kitchen cleaning tips and tricks? After all, they make a women’s life much easier in the kitchen and save time.Let the Sunshine in

The Kitchen has been a woman’s foremost right out of all the other responsibilities in a household.

Ladies, we know that keeping all those beautiful glassware and kitchen utensils gleaming round the clock takes a toll on your dainty hands and often results in chipping nails and fading paints.

Cleaning old pots, pans and the sticky ovens makes us women shiver. All hell breaks loose if our husbands enter kitchen because we are well aware that something has to fall from their hands and stain the freshly cleaned floors.

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So, this article has been created to put an end to all your worries because we have got some life changing hacks that is sure to keep your kitchen spick and span. These Kitchen Cleaning Hacks are so simple and mind bogglingly creative that you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. Furthermore, these practices are considered old and trustworthy as home-makers have successfully used them since the first day of light on earth!

So let’s have some fun with these cool kitchen cleaning tips and tricks.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

#1: Clean the Counter with Vinegar

This would remove any sort of smell and will also provide a shine to your counter top.


Clean the Counter with Vinegar

#2: Use Flour to Polish your Crockery and Sink

Flour can be used in place of chemical polish to naturally shine up your metal crockery and your steel sink. The steel items especially would certainly shine up. Remember to mix it with water and a dash of washing soap.

Use Flour to Polish your Crockery and Sink

#3: Use of Cleaning Agents

Are the pans and the undersides of your cookers looking brunt and old? Use cleaning agents, the commercial ones, to sparkle them again.


Use of Cleaning Agents

#4: Use of Lemon to Clean Dishes

You can use lemon or even lime juice if you want spotless dishes with a natural limey aroma in your arsenal. Just squeeze out the juice, use the liquid along with a scrub to wipe your plates. Rinse with water when done.

Remember there are lemon extract dish soaps too; but it is always better to use the natural option to get the stench out.

Use of Lemon to Clean Dishes

#5: Acid for your Kitchen Floors

If you feel your kitchen floors and tiles are slowly becoming yellowish, then opt for Acid washes.


Acid for your Kitchen Floors

#6: Ammonia to get Rid of the Sticky Oil

Grates of your kitchen’s stove can turn oily because of regular usage. An overnight soak in ammonia can readily rid the grates of oil in a jiffy. Remember, ammonia should never be mixed with other cleaners.

Ammonia to get Rid of the Sticky Oil

#7: Use Ketchup to Clean up

If you have got any tarnish on your copper or brass items, then use a bit of ketchup over a clean cloth and wipe it well.


Use Ketchup to Clean up

#8: Baking soda and Water Treatment

Your grills, ovens and also your chimney can shine again if you wash them regularly with baking soda and water. You can also add some dish soap to this super mixture for more optimum results. Just remember to scrub profoundly.

Baking soda and Water Treatment

#9: Use Hot Water and a bit of Dish Soap to Clean all Glass Tops or Doors in your Kitchen

This can be your stove oven, microwave glass, your chimney glass and cabinet doors. Just soak you filter in hot—but not steaming—water and use any regular Dish Wash powder or soap and clean all the glasses in your cook room. This will clear off any dirt or oil stuck to your glasses.


Use Hot Water and a bit of Dish Soap to Clean

#10: Use a Baking Sheet

Baking sheet or tray is kept either over the grill or over the plate. It protects your oven grill and plate for a long time and you won’t even have to clean up the oven after each use.

Use a Baking Sheet

#11: Clean your Wooden Chopping Boards and Spatula

Use natural items like lemon and kosher salt—or even regular salt—to scrub and clean out your wooden items in kitchen.


Clean your Wooden Chopping Boards and Spatula

#12: Remember to Clean your Fridge Regularly

Many people always forget to clean and tidy up their refrigerator on a regular basis. However, a good old clean must be given to your fridge as well.

Use wipe clothes, a bit of soap and tons of water of course to make it reusable. Also, remember to clean the outer body of the fridge with some Colin glass cleaner.

Clean your Fridge Regularly

#13: Keep a Big Dustbin or Dust Bag

Worried your kitchen always gets filled with trash? Well, very logically use a bigger dustbin or even multiple dustbins.

Also, clean your bins regularly. Clean and neat dustbins would encourage you to keep your environment cleaner.   


Keep a Big Dustbin or Dust Bag

#14: Vacuum Regularly

We are not only talking about the floor, but remember to dust and vacuum the curtains and the window panels too. If you have glass windows, then wipe them and clean them with cleaning agent regularly.

Apart from that, make sure that you use your broom to clean up the overhead counters and the ceiling.

Vacuum Regularly

#15: Clean Towel and Wipes

Remember to regularly wash and clean your hand towels with warm water and detergent. This would promote hygiene in your kitchen too.


Clean Towel and Wipes

#16: Clean your Cast Irons

Use salt to clean all cast iron items—for example pans. Heat the pan, then throw in the salt and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Clean your Cast Irons

#17: Clean your Steel Appliances with any Electronic Cleaner

This to bring out the shine in them, so that you can see the reflection of your pretty face!


Clean your Steel Appliances with any Electronic Cleaner

#18: Put Newspapers

Cover all your cabinet floors with newspapers. This would not only protect them from scratches but it would also make your life easier in terms of cleaning them.

Put Newspapers

#19: Let the Sunshine in

If possible, don’t always draw the curtains and close the windows. Sometimes you must let the sunshine and the fresh air in. This would not only give you vitamins, but it will also help you kitchen to breath. As in, all stench and pungent smells would normalize. Also, the sun would dry out any after-effects of cleaning agents.


Let the Sunshine in

We can see that almost always, the utensils can be cleaned using kitchen ingredients such as dish soap and scrubs. These are by far the cheapest method to clean off your kitchen and make it sparklingly clean.

Hence, invest in good quality dish soap and scrubbers which will last you a long time and ensure that your kitchen is gleaming always. Also, if you have any other kitchen cleaning tips and tricks up your sleeves, then feel free to share it with us.

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