17 Most Influential Food Photographers to follow on Instagram 

Food definitely connects human beings and if you are an ardent Instagram Food Photographer, you would know what I mean.

Life would be bland if there weren’t so many types of food to relish and there’s nothing better than food that help initiate conversations and build relationships (now you know why all first dates and first kisses involve fine dine and best wine?)

Instagram – Photographer’s True World

And the best medium to understand and enjoy a variety of cuisines from across the world cost free is Instagram – photographer’s true world. Food Photographers have taken this uniquely curated social media forum to a fancy level where chefs discuss menus, amateurs learn, homemakers share ideas and build relationships, and where we witness food photography is more than just a job; rather it’s more about the passion that stirs to capture true crux of a dish.

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Today we have rounded 17 best Instagram Food Photographers to follow this year. No matter who or what you are… these accounts will definitely inspire you.

17 Most Influential Food Photographers to follow on Instagram

1) Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver tops our chartbuster with a crazy 5.5 million followers. He is a passionate lover of real and wholesome food and his Instagram account recounts his journey to stardom through photography anecdotes. He makes sure every cuisine gets his attention…. and ours too!!

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2) Deb Perelman

Deb Perelman runs her Instagram account Smitten Kitchen named after her popular food blog. Her blog as well her account feature her gorgeous food shots and some cleverly written captions that would brighten any depressed soul.

3) Lindsay Ostrom

She is also a cook apart from a Food Photographer; her divine recipes will sure make you drool and strike hunger. She is known to be a famous source for easy and creative dinner ideas and her shots definitely take the stature of fine art work.

4) Dennis Prescott

Dennis Prescott started his food photography with his iPhone and fondly remembers the recipes when he was learning to cook. He is an expert in capturing the gourmet section under bright lights and saturated colours.

5) Rachael De Vaux, RD

@racahelsgoodeats is a paradise of healthy eating because our Instagram Food Photographer is a registered dietician too. Her photography and meals usually focus on wholesome ingredients. You can literally make a dish just looking at her pics.

Super simple chia breakfast smoothie I finally remembered to soak my chias overnight in coconut milk to have ready this morning. Then all I did was pour a quick smoothie over the top and crumbled one of my Sweet + Salty Coconut Cashew Bars (recipe on the blog– this is the sugar free version) over the top Great idea for #mbgnosugarweek… Day SIX for those of you who are still going strong . Chia pudding: pour a whole can of full fat coconut milk into a sealable bowl. Mix in about 1/4 cup chia seeds + little cinnamon + little vanilla bean (I use @bulletproof vanilla max). Refrigerate over night and you’ll have snacks/bfasts ready for the next few days Smoothie: 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup frozen bluebs, @vitalproteins collagen peptides, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, cinnamon, small handful microgreens ✨ #noaddedsugar #goodeats #healthyliving #healthyfats #postworkout

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6) Jeannette Ogden

Jeannette is a Yoga instructor and wellness enthusiast from California. Her Instagram account is all about good food and honest opinion about food habits. She also runs a blog with the same name, Shut The Kale Up. Here’s Killer Food Styling Tips & Tricks Followed by Pro Food Bloggers

mexican hot chocolate smoothie for this mama please 🙋🏻 with a side of ball and crunch 👌🏼 do it: 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop @vitalproteins cocoa whey, 1Tbs each @navitasorganics cacao powder + nibs, 1/2Tbs black strap molasses (high in iron 💯), 1/2C cauli, 1C @thenewbarn almond milk, @simplyorganicfoods cayenne, cinnamon and all spice. added some @wild_friends PB, @purely_elizabeth grain free granola and a raw cacao protein ball by the best, @meetthesource ❤️ bub is still feeling a little sick but we’re giving him so much love and care in hopes that he’s better in no time. thank you all for the love you’ve given us! we appreciate it BIG TIME! happy thursday friends! #shutthekaleup #realfood #cleaneats

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7) Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright loves colour and has the knack of incorporating colours in her food photography. She is a freelance photographer in Seattle, Washington.

8) Julie Lee

Julie Lee knows how to define photography through her choice of related fruits and veggies. In fact, this LA based Instagram food photographer’s shots resemble large canvases strewn with colourful delicious edibles.

9) Daniel Krieger

Settled in Brooklyn, Daniel is one of the most demanding food photographers around, renowned for his honest shots of restaurant, chefs, waitresses, diners, food and more.

10) Nisha / Vegan / NYC

A lawyer by first profession, Nisha quit her corporate job and backpacked to travel around the world. Thusly, she discovered the importance of food and a vibrant living. Currently she documents her healthy food and travel excursions on her blog and Instagram – @rainbowplantlife.

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11) Joann Pai

Joann Pai loves travelling and her @sliceofpai shows food as contrasting backdrops that accentuates her travelling passion. She is a travel and food photographer.

12) Natasha Kadimi

The incredibly talented, Natasha’s Instagram account serves two purposes: mouth-watering and insanely tempting vegan meals and a discussion forum on how to tackle eating disorders.

13) Adeline Waugh

She is a creator and a lover of natural food pigments. She loves baking and has invented many delicious toasts including ‘unicorn toasts’ and ‘mermaid toasts’. She’s also the content curator of Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book. 

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14) Lyndsay Sung

A breast Cancer survivor, Lyndsay Sung is a Vancouver based photographer who loves sharing her original cake tutorials on Instagram. She believes in feminism which artistically reflects on her bakes’ powerful messages and insta captions.

15) Neal Santos

The Philadelphia based Instagram food photographer, Neal is known for his intense, vivid and unparalleled pictures of farms, restaurants, plants and of course, food. He is often accompanied by his partner’s rescue dogs.

16) Natasha Diddee

Lost her stomach to a tumour, Natasha Diddee is a true inspiration to many food lovers. Married to a Swedish, she is as versatile as a world chef and is famous for her unique punch of flavours, and her love for spices and sauces. Her captions are delighting, funny and refreshing to read.

That Much Deliberated Cheat Meal – Done . . This is a latergram☺ I’m currently languishing on a beach🌊👙but but …I’m smiling thinking about this. It’s Cheat Days!😍 Did you really think, that I was going to waste it on anything but rice??😂 No no no no no😎 My wannabe South Indian genes were doing a Tandav Nritya (Dance of Lord Shiva) in my head.💃💃 All sorts of ideas emerged😍 I was spoiled for choice! Should I make lemon rice? Or maybe tamarind rice? Or or ….maybe bissebillebhaat! So much deliberation! But then I saw a potato & my dancing brain froze. I knew exactly what I would make! I pressure cooked peeled & cubed potatoes & peas in salted water. I cooked in groundnut oil & tempered it with mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger-garlic pastes, green chillies & onions. I added in the cooked peas & potatoes along with red chilli powder ,tomato rice powder of Aachi brand & tomatoes & tossed. I added in cooked steamed rice & fresh coriander & tossed till well coated. Yessss I made a Modified Thakkali Saadam /Tomato Rice !! Oh my mommie Lord😍😍 . Forget the Tandav Nritya, there was an entire ballet on my palate😍 . . . . #desifood #everydayindia #tasteofindia #indiagram #indianfoodbloggers #foodofindia #storiesofindia #indiaclicks #homechef #indianphotography #homemade #indiapictures #quickmeal #healthyeats #healthychoice #healthycooking #healthyrecipes #tophomecooking #cookcl #homecook #indianfood #indiankitchen #indiancooking #indiancuisine #refinedsugarfree #pulao #tamil #vegetarianfood #plantbased #biryani

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17) Andrew Scrivani

A notable food and lifestyle photographer, Andrew Scrivani’s work has been published in New York Times several times. He is known for his macro shots of everyday food items including peels and scrapes.

Pi-Pops for 3.14 Day! From #artofthepie by @katemcdermott

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