How To Make Healthy Eating A Lifestyle Without Even Noticing

What we put into our body is what shows on the outside.

Eating the right food does not have to be complicated. Eating healthy has a unique lifestyle philosophy – it should taste good, it should not make any vigorous change in your way of living and it should not take your entire time in the kitchen. Oftentimes we run away from eating healthy because we fear to bring in a new change to an old habit that we are so conditioned to.But, what if I gave you a choice; a choice of ‘how to make healthy eating a lifestyle’ unconsciously (without even noticing)?

You don’t have to make a resolution to improve your eating habit; a little desire, a little motivation and the right choice will get you there.

So, Here’s How to Make Healthy Eating A Lifestyle…

1) Love Your Body

Start with a glass of warm lemon water

Builds up resistance to various diseases, aids in weight loss, fosters positive energy and reduces hunger pangs.

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Focus on a hearty breakfast

A hearty breakfast, with balanced nutrition portions, helps body and mind to work all day without succumbing to fatigue, hunger pangs and stress.

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Prep up your meals

It’s easier to shop healthy, but it is important to eat healthy. Studies reveal that spending more time in preparation of food is linked with healthy eating. Make your meals convenient by chopping and stacking groceries as soon as you bring them home.


how to make healthy eating a lifestyle102) Plan Your Day

Have smaller portions

Use smaller plates so that you take moderate quantity. It’s a part of tricking your brain with visual satisfaction. Also 4 – 5 small meals will keep you more active than 3 overloaded servings.

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Shift to having early dinner

An early dinner (say 3 hours before you hit the bed) will aid in digestion, trigger weight loss and improve your sleeping cycle.


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Stash with emergency snacks

Bad choices are made when you leave your office to find something to curb your hunger. Increased snacking is one reason behind excessive calories. Make sure you have stash of emergency snacks like dried fruits, nuts, Greek yogurt, etc. stocked in your drawer and cabinet for unwarranted hunger calls.

How To Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle6

3) Lookout for New Things

Create a list of distractions

Before your craving rings the bell, be prepared to combat it with interesting alternatives, play video games, groom pet, read a book, learn a DIY craft, go for a walk, talk to your friend etc.


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Try The Rainbow?

The rainbow foods such as the greens, reds, purples, oranges and yellows will naturally fill you up with satisfaction and help you cut back unhealthy eating. Diverse coloured food produces boost nutrition intake, without increasing calories.

How To Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle5

Stop Counting Calories

Ditch the practice of calorie counting and adopt the habit of asking yourself if the food is nutritious and healthy. Nutrients rich food helps your brain signal when your tummy is full. Counting calories will put you in depression.


how to make healthy eating a lifestyle12

Send yourself motivational messages

Set motivational quotes as wallpaper, set notifications for ‘how to make healthy eating your lifestyle’ blogs on your tab and read messages that encourage to stick to your eating plans.

How To Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle5

4) Focus on What Makes You Happy

Drop the food guilt

It’s true that thinking only in terms of numbers on the scale takes away a huge part of eating: Pleasure. Feeling guilty can weaken your weight loss process; and so if you think of eating as something pleasurable, you will less likely to overeat.

Try the 27 Classic Healthy Comfort Foods You Can Eat Guilt Free.


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Follow The 80/20 diet rule

We are not saints, and we do have cravings. Follow the 80/20 diet plan: 80% worthy, healthy food and save 20% for all those whims and fancies.

Tell yourself: “I can have anything”

The key here is eating what you want and not everything you want. Denying yourself your favourite food immediately sets your stomach on a failure mission. Thinking of going on a diet regulates hunger pangs, which result in over-indulging. That way, you can satisfy your stomach as well as your weight loss goal.


How To Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle2

Spontaneous eating is what gets us into serious goof ups. Every time you have a craving and you resist it, you build up your resistant muscles a little stronger, and most likely you will conquer the craving more powerfully the next time. How to make healthy eating a lifestyle should not be a task you hate but should be a choice you prefer to make every day, unconsciously.

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