How to Get Your Child Eat Vegetables and Like It?

“How can I get my child eat those vegetables?”

It is a question that has been frequently put forth by many frustrated parents, to each other – in the web, on social media sites and lot other places. Each, at the end, has found their own approach to feed those smirking broccolis or gay peas to his/her child.  Nevertheless, making children eat vegetables could be a real contest.

Vegetables are a vital element during children’s growth and it’s important to help children enjoy them. If you still haven’t found how to get your child eat vegetables then rest assured as we would help you with best ways that would expand your kid’s diet.

Did you know: Children under the age of 8 should at least eat 2 ½ servings of vegetable each day? Develop your child with healthy eating habit today and help set a healthy eating habit for life.  

Primarily, we encourage you not to stop your feeding quest because veggies are what that protect your child from various diseases, keep their immune system strong and help in bone, muscle and brain development. You can also read our earlier post  on  Picky Eaters, 25 Genius Tips Parents Should Definitely Try

How Can You Get Your Child Eat Veggies: Broccoli Loather’s Mom’s Tried and Tested Tricks

Butter Them Up

Everything tastes better with butter. Butter not only contains Vitamins A, E and D3 but the fat present helps kids absorb vitamins from the veggies. Not a heap, but a spoon of butter in cooked and mashed spinach, broccoli, kale or green beans will help to camouflage the bitterness of these greens.


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Take Them To A Vegetable Farm

Taking children to vegetable farm and asking them to pick their own veggies is a good way to encourage them to eat their choices.  If not an out-and-out farm with horses and chickens then a big vegetable market would do your work.

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Plateful of Veggies To A Starving Kid

It doesn’t mean you  literally starve your child and then feed the veggies. For example serve a plateful of carrots, peas, cucumber, and greens when kids get back home from school, famished.  That’s the first thing they would see and will not ask for any other option.

Hope the 41 Creative Ways to Serve Finger Foods should help you.


how to get your child eat vegetables

Try Out New Recipes

Yes, like you even your kid has a varied range of taste buds. If you serve him the same old monotonous dish, he may just not eat. Add colours, try different recipes such as smoothies and purees, and surprise them with new discoveries.

Our easy lunchbox recipes may inspire you.  

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Give Them Healthy Choices

Still wondering how to get your child eat vegetables more? Kids love to exert power and control and so let them believe that they have control over their food choices. Show them healthy options for meal and let them decide what they plan to eat.


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Perk Up With Dips

Studies have found that kids often eat their veggies effortlessly if they are served with dips. Instead of store-brought dips,
Spiced Greek Yogurt
is a simple dip that is healthy and sumptuous which you can try at home.

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Praise Their Efforts

Appreciate when your child eats something she is not fond of. Don’t make the meal centred on your praises; instead praise his/ her efforts only for trying. Praise exactly what she did, “Sheri, I am glad that you had your beans like a good girl”.


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Play Inspiring Video DVDs

Today, you get educational video DVDs on ‘How to get your child eat vegetables’ where kids encourage the viewers by eating healthy food and veggies. Make your child watch such DVDs and this way, they will copy their fellow champs and eat more vegetables.

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Eat Your Avocado Before Your Kids

Yes, you don’t throw a tantrum. Be a role model; your kids will pick up your eating habits. Let them see that you enjoy eating your share of veggies. One of the best ways to do so is by organizing more family dinners and meal time together.


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“Did You Know: Food preferences start in the womb itself? Eating vegetables during pregnancy can prevent fussy eating kids.

Serve Delicious, Colourful Veggies as Appetizers

Serving a ham sandwich at the beginning of the dinner will curb your child’s hunger. So at meal, time try serving roasted colourful veggies as finger food appetizers. To make them enticing, serve hummus or dips alongside.

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Ignorance is Elegance

If your child throws a tantrum, ignore them for a good 20 minutes and serve the food again. Once the hunger strikes, they would know there’s no other option but what you have prepared.


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Don’t Hide the Veggies, Guide them With Stories

It may be contrary to the traditional belief, but hiding veggies and feeding your child may cause troubleshoot when they grow up. Let them be aware of the veggies and their values through your made-up stories. If you can’t get them to eat the whole veggies, change their form and feed. Yes, it takes a little effort but it’s completely worthy at the end.

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Children tell us a lot unconsciously about them; even how to get your child eat vegetables. Look for signs, their eating habits and behaviours, you will end up being a happy parent, and make your child a non-fussy eater.

Also, don’t forget to comment your views on how you make your child eat those greens.

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