How to Get a Nutrition Degree Online – Step by Step Guide

Food science and technology is a fascinating career field to pursue. However not everyone have the privilege to attend a campus education and get certified. Furthermore, some of you may even like studying at your own pace and your own free time. But thanks to online nutrition certification courses, now you can get certified by just sitting at your home accompanied by good internet.

From Michigan University to Washington state university there are many reputed colleges that offer online certifications for the people who cannot make it to a regular campus course. Continue reading this article to get an insight about all the aspects of getting an online nutrition degree.

How do I get a nutrition degree online?

  1.    Use google to search various schools and colleges that offer the particular course you’re seeking on.
  2.    Now start eliminating colleges based on different criteria like the prices, courses and time took to complete.
  3.    Now choose the best 3 choices and start researching about the courses and programs and check the prerequisites and if it’s the right fit for you.
  4.    After this, you have to contact the alumni of the school and understand more about the certifications.
  5.    Fill out all the necessary forms and pay the application fee.

It can offer a variety of fields of study such as

  • Complete Food Science
  • Dietetics
  • Human Nutrition
  • Basic Nutrition Science
  • Food Safety

A nutrition degree could be a graduate certificate program or undergraduate or PhD program.The entry-level prerequisite to beginning a career as a nutrition expert or dietitian is a bachelor’s degree. The courses will be a combination of chemistry, physics, psychology and biology. However core courses can vary depending on the college from food science, nutrition therapy to exercise science.

This article could help you find the Promising Career Options available in Food Science & Technology

To enrol in a master’s degree, students need a bachelor’s degree. The majority of the master’s degree take two years to complete and is appropriate for students from a versatile bachelor’s background. However, Master’s graduates are more eligible for research and advanced career choices than the bachelor’s.

What are the advantages of getting an online certification?

If you plan on taking up a career specialization role then you have the opportunity to enter into a variety of these based on your experience and certifications in nutrition. The most common career specializations for people who pursue nutritional science are Community Dietitian, School Nutritionist, consultant dieticians, and Management Dietitian.


  • You get to work at your own free time.
  • No costs of attending class on campus.
  • You can take up different courses from different colleges at a time.

What can you do with a Nutrition/Food Science Degree?

If at all you’re wondering what next after obtaining a nutrition degree there are different industries you can apply for.

  • Teaching
  • Freelance consulting business.
  • Employment in schools, nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Employment with your health organization.
  • Employment in food industry
  • Employment in charitable organizations

Schools/Programs That Offer Distance Learning Nutrition Courses

If you’re interested in getting an online nutrition certificate then it’s necessary to have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. Online courses are offered by numerous colleges and universities and they require around 9 – 12 months of training.

The following schools offer nutrition certification online:

  • Auburn University
  • Illinois University
  • Washington State University
  • Oregan State University
  • Alabama A&M University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Penn State University
  • Kansas State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Colorado State University

These certifications teach students to assess the dietary plans, meal plans, and patient requirements on nutrients thus ensuring you stay updated on the industry trends. Topics that could be discussed in class will vary from stress management, fitness to developing healthy eating habits.

What’s in store for the future?

This program is going to guarantee your employment as soon as you’re certified, it could be self-employed or private and government sectors. These certificates are definitely going to be useful and will help you be hired by nursing homes, hospitals, and many other related fields. Though there are many who are in pursuit of getting their bachelor’s and master’s degree, these online certificates, however, add value to your skill set and I can foresee that it will prepare you for your careers in food management and nutrition.

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