21 Refreshing & Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Are you one of those who can’t make it through your morning without a cup (or two) of coffee?

While coffee tastes heavenly and while starting the day with a strongly brewed coffee has become some kind of craving, little do we realise that filling up our body with loads of caffeine is totally uncool and unhealthy.

alternatives to morning coffee

So, if you find yourself distressed, having unwarranted health issues or just are a plain coffee addict, then don’t skip breakfast and serve yourself a coffee, rather choose one of these (or all) Healthy Alternatives to Coffee.

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Skipping breakfast and replacing it with coffee just to feel energised can lead to many other ill effects such high BP, unnatural blood sugar metabolism, increased stress hormones, increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, liver issues and many other.

The alternatives to morning coffee are not only refreshing but they also get a bonus point for being super healthy because they are packed with a balanced diet that caffeine cannot produce.

So, here you go…

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21 Alternatives to Morning Coffee​

1) Ginger Tea

Unlike other teas, ginger tea actually helps you to kick start your morning. The tea helps prevent inflammation, sore throat, joint problems, motion sickness, and digestive issues.


alternatives to coffee 1

One cup of ginger tea can get you going throughout the day. It would be my first recommendation for a refreshing and healthy alternative to coffee.

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2) Green Smoothies

Homemade smoothies are a great source of nutrients, vitamins and immune boosters. They also fulfil the phrase, ‘a complete breakfast’.

alternatives to coffee 2

Add plenty of spinach to your smoothie. Spinaches are rich in iron therefore help improve your metabolism and prevent soreness and fatigue.

3) Yerba Mate Drink

Yerba mate is a healthier alternative to coffee for people who cannot start their day without caffeine. It significantly treats insulin sensitivity issues, improves cognitive power, promotes good blood flow and keeps you younger.


alternatives to coffee 3

Yerba Mate can be added in plain water (hot or cold) with honey, added in tea infuser or can be prepared like how coffee is made.

 4) Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a beautiful ingredient that is caffeine free, helps people to rejuvenate, de-stress and enjoy deep, rested sleep. Science claims that Chamomile tea is an excellent treatment for anxiety, fatigue, depression and nervousness.

Brew your normal tea with chamomile flower and enjoy a burst of energy.

alternatives to coffee 4

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5) Probiotic Drinks

Good quality probiotic drinks are easily available these days. If you didn’t know, if you constantly feel sluggish, strained and experience a continuous need for caffeine; it’s because your intestine’s friendly balance of bacteria is heavily disturbed.


alternatives to coffee 5

Probiotic drinks are said to counterattack this and regulate digestive system, improve immune system and maintain a healthy gut.

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6) Pomegranate Juice

The sweet and tangy flavour of the fruit will perk you up from a deep slumber. You can happily skip your first meal if you consume this savouring juice.

Packed with essential nutrients and minerals, pomegranate juice, if blended with bananas, berries and soy milk, makes an ideal morning go to breakfast.

alternatives to coffee 6

7) Water

Sometimes it’s not your hunger pangs or a loss of energy that takes you towards coffee. Oftentimes it is the lack of water content that causes severe physical and mental misbalance.


alternatives to coffee 7

Instead of a cup of coffee, have a tall glass of water. You can also add sugarless fruit extract to make this sparkling drink interesting.

8) Chia Seed Drink

The seeds are packed with enough nutrients and protein to help your body build good lean muscles by actively changing carbs in to energy.

Chia seeds taste heavenly when added to smoothies, fruit juice or even plain water.

alternatives to coffee 8

9) Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and bio-active compounds such as EGCG. Green tea helps prevent many diseases including obesity and other cardiovascular diseases.

You can add few drops of lemon juice or honey to make your green tea plush.


alternatives to coffee 9

10) Kombucha Tea

This 2000 years old preparation, Kombucha, also known as Immortality Tea involves fermentation of tea by using fungus. If prepared correctly, Kombucha would be packed with vitamins, probiotics and enzymes and a tad bit of caffeine.

alternatives to coffee 10

11) Tender Coconut Water

Containing more potassium than banana and less sugar than other fruit juices, tender coconut water is good for your skin, bowel system and extremely helpful to ease burning sensation of a post alcohol consumed stomach.


alternatives to coffee 11

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12) Licorice Root Tea

Licorice has many benefits including healing of sore throats, body weight reduction, instant burst of energy and BMR stimulation.

Add liquorice root in boiling water, switch off the heat and let it infuse for 5 minutes; your energy tea is ready!

alternatives to coffee 12

13) Hot Apple Cider

Hot apple cider’s sweet and tangy flavour is the perfect substitute for morning coffee as it helps improve all your senses.

Since the cider’s main ingredient is apple, it offers lot more benefits than caffeine in coffee.


alternatives to coffee 13

14) Warm Lemon Water

Lemons have more benefits than any other citric fruit. Warm water with juice of half a lemon and a tinge of honey can keep your entire body system revitalise even after 6 – 7 hours of having it.

alternatives to coffee 14

15) Schizandra Tea

Schizandra are East Asian berries that help cure coffee addiction. This traditional Chinese medicine detoxifies the liver, balances sugar level, improves sleep and cognitive power and gives you energy throughout the day.

Add Schizandra berries while brewing tea leaves and relish a subtle refreshing health drink.


alternatives to coffee 15

16) Ginseng Tea

The slightly bitter Siberian ginseng root is all you need to stimulate a lazy day, foster concentration and prevent fatigue.

alternatives to coffee 16

Brew the herb in boiling water for 4 – 5 minutes for a healthy alternative. You can also add a dollop of honey to mask the bitterness.

17) Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi is a traditional nontoxic Chinese medication and can be enjoyed everyday without any side effects.


alternatives to coffee 17

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18) Prune Juice

Next time you think of a coffee flask, fill it up with prune juice. The thick prune juice not only keeps your stomach full but neutralises your body electrolyte leading to increased stamina level.

If the taste of prunes is overpowering, dilute the juice with water or apple juice.

alternatives to coffee 18

19) Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are extremely nutritious and are packed with commendable health benefits. The nutty flavours of crushed flax seeds with yogurt, soy milk or frozen fruits can help you to be up until the wee hours of morning.


alternatives to coffee 19

20) Wheatgrass Juice

Wheat grass is a natural energy supplement as it is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If added to protein shake (and if you could ignore the taste), it can be a very nourishing drink.

alternatives to coffee 20

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21) Teeccino Herbal Drink

Teeccino comes in different flavours, but each one is rich in inulin, a probiotic compound which is also a natural soluble fibre. The fibre is good source of chicory root that promotes healthy gut activity, whereas coffee can trigger poor indigestion and stomach ailments.


alternatives to coffee 21

Although coffee gives instant energy boost, you may start feeling sluggish as the caffeine starts to wear off. These aforementioned alternatives to coffee contain far more nutritional benefits than the daunting brown beans. They also keep you active for longer hours. It is important to include healthier choices to your everyday routine and who knows, someday, these drinks will win your heart and it will be much easier for you to let go of the black liquid.

Dear Readers,

Never go back to hard stuff, drink yourself healthy. Do you have any alternative to coffee? Do share your choice in the comments.