35 Strange Health Benefits of Onions & Remedies for Whatever Ails You

Did you know onions are not only the perfect taste enhancer, of virtually any dish you name, but are also a phenomenal healer and protector of many health disorders?

This little wonder that we have come to adore over time is packed with nutrition that are great for our body and mind. I am sure many of you will be aware of some of the health benefits of onions, but you’ll be astounded to know how many home remedies involve onion as the key ingredient.

Before I share the remedies, understand why onion can cure almost anything, including certain type of cancer, miraculously.

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Happiness is in Nature’s Lap – Knowing the Nutritional Value of Onions

There are many varieties of onions: red, yellow, white, pungent, small, and sharp and tangy and all of these are packed with Vitamin B and C, flavonoids, sulphuric compounds and phytochemicals.


Health benefits of onions

While Phytochemicals are useful to trigger healthy reactions in body, Flavonoids, especially Quercetin in onions, are great for reducing the risks of strokes, Parkinson disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Onions are low in calories, have no fat, no cholesterol and nil sodium content. They are rich in fibre and folic acid as well.

Quercetin Flavonoid in Onions:

Quercetin has lots of healthy obligations including eradicating bladder infection symptoms, lowering blood pressure and improving prostrate health. The flavonoid also works as an antioxidant, antihistamine, anti-cholesterol and anti-inflammatory that allows our body to work normally, prevent cancer cell production and promotes healthy cell growth.

Phytonutrients in Onions:

Phytochemicals in Onions such as vinyldithiins, cepaene, disulphide and trisulphide contain antimicrobial and anticancer properties. Being rich sulphide (sulphur), onions contain amino acids that assist in protein synthesis, cell structure and optimal functioning of body.

“Onion gets its distinctive taste, sweetness and aroma due its higher level of antioxidants and amino acid.”

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The Miraculous Healer of all Ailments – Interesting Ways You Can Use Onions

Now we know why onions can cure anything and everything that’s concerned with your health. Get ready to note few strange health benefits of onions; listed here are 35 home remedies for different ailments.

1) Fever

Slice onions and put inside your socks, under your feet. Place a cloth on your forehead that’s dipped in apple cider vinegar. Your fever will reduce within the hour.health benefits of onions 1

2) Common Cold & Sore Throat

Boil large onion in water (with skin for sore throat) until the water is reduced to half. Drink the onion strained water in every morning. This remedy cures cold and strengthens immunity.


health benefits of onions 2

3) Sinusitis

Eating a whole raw onion will clear your sinuses almost instantaneously.health benefits of onions 3

4) Bad Cough

Slice an onion and store it in an air tight container. Mix a tablespoon of sugar or honey to it. Let the mixture turn syrupy overnight. Have the syrup in regular intervals. Make sure you finish up the concoction the same day. Repeat for 2 – 3 days.


health benefits of onions 4

5) Chest Congestion

Mix raw onion crushed with coconut oil. Apply the paste on your chest. Cover it with a towel before putting your clothes on.health benefits of onions 5

6) Ear Ache and Ear Wax Removal

Put the innermost bulb of an onion (the core) in your aching ear and sleep the night with it. Your ache will be gone in the morning and your ear wax will be softened for easy removal.


health benefits of onions 6

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7) Eye Cleanser

Start chopping an onion and get your tears flowing, it’s as simple as that. Any irritant should inevitably come out of the eyes.health benefits of onions 7

8) Bee Sting and Insect Bite

Chop an onion and apply the bits on the bitten or stung area. The pain and swelling will come down within the hour.


health benefits of onions 8

9) Heal Cuts

For smaller and bigger cuts let the juice of raw onion run over the wound so to clean and disinfect it first. Then cut a small piece of onion and place it on the wound and bandage it with a gauze or medicinal tape.

Change the piece of onion twice a day until the cut is sealed and recovering.health benefits of onions 9

10) Stop Nose Bleed

Place a piece of raw onion under your bleeding nose. It is a natural coagulant and will stop the bleeding instantaneously.


health benefits of onions 10

11) Heavy Vomiting

Grate yellow or white onion and press the juice out with cheesecloth. Set aside.

Now brew a cup of peppermint tea. Set aside to cool.

Drink two teaspoon of onion juice and two tsp of peppermint tea by keeping a gap of 5 minutes. Vomiting will cease within 15 minutes.Here’s Top 11 Foods to Eat When Nauseous (+How to consume Them) health benefits of onions 11

12) Surgical Wounds

Don’t be amazed, yes it can cure surgical wounds faster than anti-biotics. Rub the juice of an onion in your incision and experience a rapid healing. It also prevents scarring from surgeries.


health benefits of onions 12

13) Cure Insomnia

Breathe in the aroma of an onion 5 – 10 minutes before you sleep; better yet, place an onion zip-locked next to your pillow for a sound goodnight’s sleep.health benefits of onions 13

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14) Remove Bacterial Infection

For cellulites, boils, insect bite or infected cut make a paste out of Boiled Milk + Thick Slice of White Bread + One Grated Onion.

Clean and apply the paste on the infected area. Do not break the seal. As the paste hardens, it will suck out the infection. Repeat twice a day.


health benefits of onions 14

15) Mosquito Repellent

Directly rub onion juice on your skin (it will repel humans too) or put an onion in a bowl filled with water and place it on a table near you.health benefits of onions 15

16) Painful Warts

Cut a small piece of onion, the size of your wart and secure it over your wart with a Band-Aid. In a few days, the onion will burn off the wart completely.


health benefits of onions 16

17) Splinters from Wood

To remove splinters from your skin, place a half of an onion on the pierced splinter and tape it securely. Let it be as it is for an hour and then remove.health benefits of onions 17

18) Menstrual Cramps and Irregular Periods

Start consuming raw onions 4 – 5 days before your next period is due to soothe cramps and prevent irregular bleeding. Know What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain and Cramps

health benefits of onions 18

19) Bone Density in Women

The sulphur in Onions also slows down the bone loss progression in women and lowers the risk of hip bone fracture by 20%.health benefits of onions 19

20) Improve Mental Health

Including raw onions in your daily diet will ensure proper functioning of nervous system and stimulate the production of amino acid, which help to minimise stress, mental depression and other problems associated to neuro.


health benefits of onions 20

21) Blood Purifier

Detox your body by placing sliced onions in to your socks, under your feet and sleeping overnight. The anti-bacterial and antiviral properties strengthen immune system, fight off germs and infections and purify blood.health benefits of onions 21

22) Improve Digestion

Include raw onion during meal time to promote good digestion, eliminate the risk of gastric ulcer and treat types of diarrhoea.


health benefits of onions 22

23) Lower Blood Pressure

Like garlic, chewing one if not two raw or slightly sautéed yellow and red onions significantly reduces blood pressure over a period of time.health benefits of onions 23

24) Lower Blood Sugar

Regular inclusion of red onion in diet will regulate diabetes by increasing the production of insulin and lowering the glucose content.


health benefits of onions b

25) Lower Cholesterol

Add half raw onion to your daily diet and within a month your cholesterol numbers will come down.health benefits of onions 25

26) Lower Heart Disease Risk

One raw onion a day will reduce the risk of several heart conditions including high BP, heart attacks, stroke, cholesterol accumulation, clogging or hardening of arteries, arterial hardening and heart blocks.


health benefits of onions 26

27) Prevent Cancer

A combination of onion and garlics (especially organically grown) in your daily diet will reduce the risk of several common cancers including that of the lung, bladder, stomach, ovary, oral, brain, prostrate and breast.health benefits of onions 27

28) Colic in Babies

Health Benefits of Onions extend to babies health as well. Colicky babies can be soothed by making them drink boiled, strained and cooled water of one Yellow onion, in an interval of one hour.


health benefits of onions 28

29) Stop Aging

You can eliminate those black age spots with a red onion. Apply the juice of a red onion on the dark spots and rub the skin slightly. Let the juice sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Repeat twice every day to see best results.health benefits of onions 29

30) Severe Tan and Sunburn Removal

Do the procedure thrice a week – Apply crushed onion on the affected skin first. Then take only the white of an egg and slather it over the area for good 10 minutes. Wash with gentle soap.


health benefits of onions 30

31) Hair Growth

Apply and massage the juice of one raw onion and 2 tsp honey into your scalp. Cover and leave it overnight. Wash with mild shampoo the next day. Repeat 2 – 3 times a week for best result.health benefits of onions 31

32) Freckles

Rub juice of one onion or crushed onion on your face to stop your skin from freckling.


health benefits of onions 32

33) Air Purifier

If you can tolerate the smell, the onions are considered the best air purifier. A slice of onion placed throughout your house will cleanse the air of bacteria and viruses.health benefits of onions 33

34) Glassware and Utensils

Rub an onion to polish copper and glassware, and prevent iron from rusting.


health benefits of onions 35

35) Pests on Plants

Spray boiled and cooled onion water on plants to prevent pest attacks on them. It’s a great organic pesticide.health benefits of onions 36

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Reviewing so many health benefits of onions got me thinking that nature has all remedies; it’s just that we need to put efforts to acquire them. Hence, share the gift of nature with your loved one and let them be aware of the goodness of onions and how it can be imbibed in our daily lives.

Until then, stay healthy and embrace nature.


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