23 Mouth Watering Fresh Fruit Salad Ideas (That Aren’t Boring!)

Making a Fruit Salad might seem an easy thing to do but finding the right fresh fruit salad ideas and concept can be a tedious job.

Fruit-Salad ideas

However, is it that difficult?

Well, you just have to find the right page and today must be your lucky day, as here we are going to discuss and show some fruit salad ideas that will grab your attention and taste buds.

From simple mixes to some exemplary combinations, the fruit salad tips that you will find here will surely end up on your personal cookbook.

So, look below for some of the mouth-water but healthy fresh fruit salad ideas that you can prepare, share and munch.

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Let us first check out the Fruit salad breakfast ideas that you can crave for and have in the morning:

Fruit Salad Breakfast Ideas

1) The sweet and tangy Strawberry Salsa Salad


fruit salad ideas0001

The best way to beat the bitterness of hot summer

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2) The combination of Tomato with Peach Salad and Tofu Salad

fruit salad ideas0011

Get the mixture spice, sweetness and salt; all in one salad

3) The ultimate Fruit Salad with Mango, Banana, Papaya and Chickoo


fruit salad ideas 3

The soothing and the most tempting way to eat all the fruits that you love

4) The Fruit Salad Kabab with Peach, Papaya and Watermelon

fruit salad ideas0021

Create a fruit salad rainbow with colours!

5) Watermelon and Tomato salsa with onion and cucumber  


fruit salad ideas0031

The carnival of taste that you can get from this mix

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6) Pair melon and tangy cheese salad

fruit salad ideas0041

Use fresh goat cheese and fresh melon for maximum impact and taste

7) Watermelon and Spinach fresh Mint Salad


fruit salad ideas0051

Give minty and a healthy taste to your summer mornings

Now, let us look at some Fresh fruit salad ideas to enhance your taste even further:

Fresh Fruit Salad Ideas

8) The Cashew and Mango refreshing Salad

fruit salad ideas0061

The summer just became easier to bear!

9) The Yogurt, Apple, Cranberries and Walnut mega mix Salad


fruit salad ideas0071

Keep this chilled and enjoy the fruits with a creamy twist

10) Fresh Strawberry love and Spinach green Salad mix

fruit salad ideas0081

Sweetness and strength in one single bowl: not to mention the awesome taste

11) The tasty and twisty Poppy Seed Salad with fruits


fruit salad ideas0091

Mix up fresh fruits like Kiwi, Pineapple, Blackberries and Peach; dress it with lime tossing

12) The Banana, Grapes and Mango Fresh Fruit Treat

fruit salad ideas0101

Simple, fresh, yet very tasty and appealing; fruit salad art!

13) Awesome Winter Apple Fruit Salad Delight


fruit salad ideas0111

Fresh Green Apples mixed up with dried cherries and cranberries and dipped creamy yogurt

14) The fresh and unique Mojito Fruit Salad

fruit salad ideas0121

Diced up fresh fruits of various kind along with minty dash of Mojito

15) Cool Cucumber and tangy Tomato Salad


fruit salad ideas0131

Give your plate the mixture of the two different worlds!

16) The Watermelon and Olive Summer Salad

fruit salad ideas0141

Covered with feta cheese, watermelon and olive, this salad is refreshingly cool

Finally, let us get our hands on the fruit salad ideas for party:

Fruit Salad Ideas For Party

17) The creamy Vanilla Yogurt and fruit mix


fruit salad ideas0151

Call it a dessert or a salad; this fresh fruit mix is one to have when you’re having fun

18) The Spicy and Sweet Mango Salad

fruit salad ideas0161

Mango mixed up with spices you like and a little pinch of sugar on top

19) The Herby and Green Watermelon Cheese Salad Idea



Watermelon pieces mixed with herbs, fresh onion and feta cheese for your delight  

20) Fresh Apple and sliced Onion Party Salad

fruit salad ideas0181

The perfect and healthy appetizer for your party

21) The White, Red and Blue colourful Salad


fruit salad ideas0191

Prepared with Banana, fresh Strawberry and Blueberries; this is a picturesque treat

22) The sweet Thanksgiving Salad  

fruit salad ideas0201

The mouth-watering combination of Coconut, Marshmallow and Oranges mixed along with fresh cream. The Charm of any party

23) The 3 Amigos Fresh Fruit Salad


fruit salad ideas 23

Grapefruit, Avocado and Mango treat is perfect for your health, taste buds and your happening evening  

So there you have it, 23 awesome, healthy, and tasty fruit salad ideas that you must prepare and have.

These salads are easy to make and are quite amazing to eat, and you must try them on your own. When you do try them out and relish, make a comment here and share the article with your friends.