11 Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)

baked donutsLet us be honest without ourselves, we live to eat rather than we eat to live and survive. We all have a small glutton inside us and because of it we actually gulp what we get our hands on, without even thinking once about the consequences. But, time and time again you must consider and contemplate about cursed list of foods you should never eat.

You know about the existence of the list but you will fully select to ignore it, at your own prerogative.

The food selection that you make now won’t necessary have a propounding impact tomorrow, but in the days to come it may change or alter your lifestyle and well being. We are of course contemplating upon the fact that eating things which are not good for our health on the long run can bring some definitive, unwanted, changes to our life.

You must be prepared and you must brace yourself from these dangerous foods. You must ignore them and possibly take them out from your life totally to boost your vitality levels and well being; thus improving life quality.


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Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)15

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So here are the 11 foods you must avoid at all costs for your health;

11 Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat

1) Packed Sandwiches


Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)1

One of the easiest quick bites which you can grab is packed sandwiches. Many professionals who hardly have time to make it to the lunch room cafeteria grab an on-the-go sandwich to quench their hunger.

However, these pre-packed sandwiches are not at all healthy for you. If you see the numbers, most of these sandwiches are well above 400 calories plus—which is a lot considering its just one single sandwich. Your lunch should finish with stats less than 200 to 250 calories; hence this makes the packed sandwich the real villain.

It is always better to make and pack your sandwich at home, if you really want to continue your fast life.   

2) Margarine

Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)2

Considered as the healthier option to butter, Margarine actually contains heinous amounts of trans-fats. These trans-fats can automatically damage your arteries and blood vessels. Apart from that, Margarine is one of the chief sources of calories, more than 100 in one single tablespoon. Some companies also make Margarine that contains flavours and artificial colouring; hence it is certainly one of the foods you should never eat.

3) Soy Sauce


Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)3

Added to almost every single Chinese presentation, Soy Sauce is quite commonly consumed by many households around the world regularly.  However it is an ingredient which you must give a miss in your meals.

Delicious it may be, but the sauce is not at all healthy for you. It contains excess sodium at every single drop and sodium is often the reason why people end up with pressure or hypertension.  

4) Cold Drinks or Sweet Aerated Water

Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)4

If you are a regular cold drink consumer then we are sure someone must have already warned you about the demerits of it. But maybe you have chosen to ignore the warning over the sweet and refreshing taste of the various flavoured cold drinks.

It’s hard to break it to you, but a regular can of cold drinks contains ten teaspoons of, yes you guessed it right, sugar. This piece of news may shatter your world.

We all know how vicious excess sugar intake—and extra insulin— can be for our body. It can become the root cause of diabetes later on in life. Also, if excess sugar does not frighten you then you must also note that cold drink contains tons of caramel colouring, which can cause cancer. Read more about it here at this study.

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5) Tomato Sauce


closeup of bowl with tomato sauce (pulp_

It is greatest friend of every single foodie—tomato sauce or ketchup. Although you might ignore this innocent add on, but tomato ketchup is actually dangerous for your health.

It is filled with tons of refined sugar, just take look at the details behind the bottle, and corn syrup. And, sadly, it also houses sodium. All of these things are not good for your health at all and hence tomato sauce should be considered as one of the foods you should never eat.

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6) Artificial Sweeteners

Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)6

There are several food items on the menu which use these artificial sweeteners. First of all they are full of sugar, and secondly they confuse your stomach’s ability to recognize it’s full or not.

Thus, consuming it leads to excess overeating and extra cravings. As per research, Artificial Sweeteners can also damage your kidney functions.

7) Sugary Breakfast Cereals


Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)7

Some companies brand breakfast cereals as an ‘essential’ need for every single human being, especially kids, on this planet. However, the truth is far from the reality.

Most of the flavoured—and coloured—Breakfast cereals contain tons of sugar, sugar and more sugar. It is not at all ideal for you and your kids to have sugary cereal in the morning.

Indeed, the companies claim that their cereals contain essential minerals, iron and vitamins, but the sugar takes off all the coating from it.

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8) Bread or any gourmet made with Potassium BromateVariety of bread

This is basically a chemical which is used during the baking process of a bread or cracker. It helps with the rise of the dough.

However, the chemical is also responsible for several types of cancer. Always try to purchase bread which is free from this chemical.     

9) Microwave Popcorn


Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)9

Quick to make, simple to eat and very tasty: Yes microwave popcorn is quite popular amongst many modern households. However, did you know, the popcorn bag contains a chemical known as PFOS or perfluorooctane sulfonic acid to keep the oil in it intact. Research has proof that this chemical can cause kidney issues, fertility problems and cancer. Apart from that, the popcorn itself contains tons of trans-fat and artificial flavouring.

10) Canned Vegetables

Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)10

The option of fresh vegetables, or even the frozen variant, is much safer and better than canned version. The cans here create the most problems.

Most cans are sprayed with bisphenol-A or BPA, which is actually an industrial variety of chemical. Studies have shown that it can easily promote heart diseases, neurological issues, prostate and breast cancer in a human body.    

11) Packed biscuits and cookies


Dangerous Foods you Should Never Eat (It Could Kill You!)11

Just take a packet, flip to the back side and check out the label. You will find that most of these cookies and biscuits are filled with shocking amounts of white flour, sugar, colouring, artificial flavouring, and preservatives.

There is one single term to define this—it is a recipe for disaster. These cookies can really cause propounding problems to your health. Hence it is better to take cookies and add it to the list of foods you should never eat.

So, there you have it, now you know the foods which you must avoid in order to stay protected and healthy.

We believe you should take this list seriously and make changes to your life if you are in touch with any of these foods on a daily basis. Also, if you have any other item that you’d like to put in your foods you should never eat list, then feel free to share it with us at the comments section.

Till then, eat healthy and live well!