Top 11 Foods to Eat When Nauseous (+How to consume Them)

Many of us go through the feeling of uneasiness, queasy tummy and morning sickness without knowing that it can be a bout of nausea.

Nausea is associated with various causes such as pregnancy, chemotherapy treatment, vestibular imbalance, and motion sickness and stomach concerns. Biliousness can be easily treated with quick fix remedies without any medication. All you need is to keep them handy. Find below 11 foods to eat when nauseous.

Foods to Eat When Nauseous

1) Apple  

Apples are great for nauseated feeling if eaten in minimal quantity throughout the day. The fibers present in the fruit not only get rid of queasiness but also help clearing nausea inducing chemicals from your system.

Tip: Instead of solid apple, you can also intake apples sauce or apple juice.

2) Ginger

Ginger in any form can immediately relieve nausea. Various digestive enzymes present in ginger counterbalances the stomach acid secretion.  The phenol in ginger aids in better digestion, relaxes stomach muscles, eliminates stomach issues and toxins from the system.

Tip: You can consume the root raw, in a capsule form or make a pulp and drink along with tea or soup.

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3) Water

If not anything else then water is the Elixir of life. Water keeps you hydrated and sturdy. Lack of water may develop a constant headache and make you cranky. However make sure you don’t overdo it.

Tip: limit your water consumption for nausea to 2 or 3 sips at a regular interval of 20 minutes.

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4) Lemon

Lemons are one of the most effective foods to eat when nauseous. Citrus is extremely effective to soothe down your motion sickness, calm your stomach and instantly relieve you from the murky nausea feeling.

Tip: Effective way is to directly suck on a lemon wedge.

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5) Milk and Toast

Nausea is generally a result of stomach issues. Hence bland foods such as milk and bread actually help absorb excess acid and coat your stomach from any further irritation.

Tip: Do not consume plain milk if you are suffering from diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. Have warm milk along with crumbled bread toast and unsalted butter.

6) Mint

Like Lemons, fresh mint leaves has superb effects on upset stomach. Mint comes in several forms such as peppermint, oil, tea etc.

Tip: Directly chew on the leaves for faster effect. You can also rub mint oil in your gums or sip freshly brewed mint tea.

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7) Frozen Food

Scientists affirm that like administrating chemotherapy and reducing anxiety level help in relieving severe bouts of nausea, even food temperature has similar kind of effect.  Chilled foods also take your mind off of it.

Tip: Sliced fresh frozen food, popsicles and sorbets are friendlier options.

8) BRAT Diet

If you experience nausea because of food poisoning or gastroenteritis then you should follow BRAT Diet along with pasta and boiled potato.

Tip: The diet would consist of Bananas, Applesauce, Rice and Toast (BRAT) along with mildly buttered pasta and boiled potatoes.

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9) Healthy Comfort Food


Spicy, hot and strong aromatic food triggers nausea. Therefore the best solution is to stick with heathy comfort foods made at home. A happy tummy relieves nausea remarkably.

Tip: Include plain rice, mashed veggies, vegetable broths, lentil soup and salads in your meal

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10) Sports Drinks

The high electrolytes content (sodium, chlorine and potassium) that help rejuvenate athlete’s worn-out nutrients, is also a quick fix for nausea.

Tip: Sports drinks or energy drinks are easily available in local super markets.

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12) Crackers and Pretzels


When already experiencing severe bouts of nausea, drinking lots of liquid may aggravate the sensation. Therefore stick to the keyword ‘dry’. Crackers, dry toast and salty biscuits help absorb excess stomach acid and relieve woozy tummy.

Tip: Keep a handful of crackers or dry nuts by your bed. Nibble them day long for better results.

Although, nausea is not dangerous, it is definitely frustrating and depressive. These aforementioned foods to eat when nauseous along with regular exercise and breathing fresh air will forever cease the symptoms. The trick is to consume the foods devotedly for best results.

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