11 Eating Habits That Will Help You Stay Fit Without Exercise

Eating Habits to stay fitYou could drop a few pounds and stay healthy at the same time, without intensive workouts or getting deprived. Flabbergasted? Well, it all depends on your eating habits and what food you eat.

There are numerous views on what a healthy diet should be and how to correctly consume it. Somewhere, it has become too complicated to figure out what are the best eating habits that should be followed to live a healthy life.

If you wish to maintain synergy between your fitness and your eating habits, this article would definitely help you to find the middle ground!

Middle ground would be where you could enjoy the birthday cake without working how it will affect your fitness. You could miss a workout but not sweat it!

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The following article would first take you over the healthy eating habits that need to be maintained throughout the entire day in accordance with the correct timing and quantity of intake.

This would be followed by some quick tips for some healthy eating habits and some answers to the frequently asked questions about a healthy diet.

Revealed: The Best Time to Have Your Meals

In accordance with the survey by the diet company Forza Supplements, which inquired 1,000 slimmers when was the best time to eat to stay fit and maximize weight loss, they recommended that the optimum time for taking the breakfast is 7.11am.

The best time for having lunch is 12.38pm and for dinner is 6.14pm. Having dinner after 7 p.m. could be a BIG dieting disaster as a body finds it very difficult to digest the fats late night, leading to indigestion.

How Much to Eat? Correct Quantity for your Meals

You can begin by taking a slightly heavy breakfast followed by a lighter lunch and a moderate quantity of dinner. You should stop eating before you feel full.

Moreover, instead of going for a heavy lunch, you can go for small servings throughout the day followed by a light dinner. Never miss your breakfast and skip any of your meals.

Eating Habits Throughout the Day for a Healthy Diet

1) Breaking- the-Fast: The first question that arises in the mind is what you should eat for breakfast in order to avoid a cloudy head in the morning.

Ideally, lukewarm water should be the first thing to break-the fast in the morning as it cleanses your stomach and rehydrates your body .You could start with a single cup of lukewarm water initially, increasing it to 2/3 cups gradually.

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2) The Right Morning Meal:It has the power to jumpstart your brain and help you stay fit easily! You should aim for a breakfast that combines the goodness of carbs and some fibre along with some protein. For instance, you could take Greek yogurt, some almonds and some fibre rich fruits such as fresh pear which would make a great breakfast!

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3) Lunch Time: You need to add extra dietary fibre for your lunch so that the digestion becomes easier. You can add salads, mushrooms, tofu in your meal to make it healthy. You could also replace the rice or wheat based dishes with Quinoa.

4) Snacking: It is a common myth that snacks cannot help you stay healthy. In accordance with the assistant director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, if snacking is done in the correct manner, it would keep your energy levels high and also provide you more opportunities to get in all the nutrition.

5) A Fine Dining: A healthy dinner should consist of vegetables, whole grains and proteins it could also include cheese and milk.

In accordance with the theory of Stephen Covey on learning from the habits of successfully fit people, suggest that anyone could enjoy the kind of life he or she desires just by adopting some of the basic habits of successfully fit people.

Some of these Basic Eating Habits have been Listed Below:

1) Stick to the “Daily Menu”


Stick to the Daily Menu
It is a common saying by a majority of fit people that day virtually eats the same meals everyday! The same breakfast, same lunch, snacks and dinner as well.

Just to clarify it, they did not suggest that they were consuming the same entree for every meal; they were probably choosing from 3-4 things that they appreciated for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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2) Eat your Breakfast

Eat your Breakfast

This is a very common characteristic in almost every statistical study of people who have maintained their weight and state fit over a long of time. People who have breakfast regularly possess a better status of vitamins and minerals and even consume fewer calories from fat.

In Accordance with the experts, majority of people who struggle with overeating are the ones who under eat during the first half of the day, especially who skip the breakfast.

This goes very well with the theory that a healthy breakfast in the morning reduces your hunger throughout the entire day. This decreases the likelihood of overeating and making poor food choices!

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3) Drink Water- Plenty of it!


Drink Water- Plenty of it!

No iced tea, no; just plain water. Highly successful fit people are known to drink at least 6 to 8, 12-ounce glasses of water a day.

This is very important aspect of any conditioning program as it helps your body functioning during homoeostasis and every other bodily function.

However, never consume water in between your meals. Have it at least 1 hour before and after you eat. This can not only help you to digest but it can also aid your insulin levels to be stable.

Also, drinking water before and after meals can help your body to absorb nutrition much more profoundly.

4) Eat Small—and Often

Eat Small—and Often

Most of us know that frequent meals are absolutely the one and only way to move ahead. This is because if we stay without eating for 3 hours, there is an increase in the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

An increase of this hormone, signals our bodies to store a large amount of fat in the abdominal region.

5) Eat Whole Foods First


Eat Whole Foods First

Successfully fit people tend to eat mainly unprocessed, whole foods which include veggies, fruits and whole grains.

Whole, natural foods such as broccoli, apples, salads, brown rice are referred to as low density foods by the food researchers.

This is the best way to keep your weight in check without craving for food every time!

6) Know your food

This is a Universal characteristic among the fittest people. They are approximately aware of the calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate content of the kind of food that they consume every day. It is sort of an educated guess!

A couple of weeks of label reading would be an easy way to start off with this habit!

7) Eat your Favourite Food- Carefully


Eat your Favourite Food- Carefully

Yes, even if you have a craving for some of your favourite foods, enjoy a little taste of them! It’s ok to indulge every once in awhile.

All you gotta do is to savour that moment instead of simply sucking it down.

8) Close your Kitchen after Dinner

Close your Kitchen after Dinner

Eat your final meal at a reasonable hour instead of having your dinner followed by a lavishing desert at 10 p.m.

Eating light at night will make you want to eat more food in the morning, which is good for you!

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9) Stay Polite and Picky Even at a Restaurant


Stay Polite and Picky Even at a Restaurant

Yes, you need to find a healthful alternative to the selections on any menu, whether it be a five star restaurant near other!

Steer clear of fish, meat and poultry. Stand, you go for steamed, protein broiled, or poached foods.

10) Go Green

Go Green

Make a habit of drinking green tea after taking your meals as it boosts up your metabolism and helps in burning the extra calories.

It has also got some major antioxidants which makes sure that you remain healthy always.

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11) Avoid Salt and Spices


Avoid Salt and Spices

You should change to Healthy cooking methods. For instance, you should make use of spices, herbs and ground pepper instead of salt and sugar.

You should steam vegetables till the point they are lightly crunchy.

Excess Salt and Sugar should be avoid in meals as the former can cause high blood pressure and hypertension, which can lead to problems like stroke and heart attack, while the latter can increase your blood sugar levels paving way for diabetes.

12) Don’t Eat Anything which Comes from a Packet


It is always not ideal to consume packed food—especially the ready to eat ones.

They contain tons of preservatives and artificial flavors which is not good for you well being and health.

You must maintain a healthy eating habit and a fresh eating habit. The food you intake—at least during heavy meals— should always be fresh and warm.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Healthy Eating Habits:

Q.1) Is eating frequently a good fitness habit or does it adds to excessive weight?

Eating frequently in small amounts throughout the day is a good habit. If your stomach is empty for more than 3 hours in a day, it results in the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.

This hormone is responsible for accumulating fat in your body which prevents you from remaining fit at all times.

However, when you eat frequently in small amounts, your body becomes efficient in keeping the cortisol levels low. This, in turn helps to reduce the belly fat.

Q.2) Is skipping breakfast a good idea, if I want to remain fit and lose weight?

In accordance with a research, the most successfully fit people are the ones who wake up and eat!

It is always advised to have a good breakfast as it fills you with vitamins and minerals and very few calories which would increase your fat.

Experts also agree, that people who over eat are the ones who do not have the breakfast in the morning. So drop this idea of not having a breakfast.

Q.3) If I work till late night is a small snack appropriate?

Yes, you can consume things like dates, nuts, almonds or even sweet chickpeas but of course in the right quantity.

However remember not to eat things like fast food or oily snacks. Consuming these things can kill your digestion and metabolism on the long run.

Q.4) Should I stop visiting restaurants to maintain healthy food habit?

Well, you must not start to be unsocial in order to maintain good food habits. However if you ever pop down to a restaurant, then make sure you eat healthy as mentioned above.

Q.5) Have our eating habits changed from yesteryear. Will it change again?

Yes, the more have evolved the more emphasis has gone into our diet and habits to tackle all the contemporary needs.

With agricultural revolution and modern technological changes, our eating habits have changed dramatically from the past.

Although we believe that our eating habit is the currently correct (if followed rigorously) but there is a chance that it might change for the better in the coming years. It is a continuous process.

So, there you have it! We believe following the above mentioned suggestions and rules will help you to lead a very healthy and a prosperous well being.

If you have anything else to share about eating habits or have a query regarding the topic then feel free to contribute in the comments section.

But remember: eat healthy, eat right and enjoy the vitality to lead a successful life.