45+ Easy & Elegant DIY Napkin Ring Ideas

If you’re planning a sumptuous place setting and you don’t know what to do with your Napkins, then you should look out for quirky options, say Napkin Rings?

Not everyone excels at the art of napkin folding, and people (like me) who aren’t, can easily choose to slide their naperies in to self-made and inexpensive napkin rings.

DIY napkin rings 1

I have taken care to brighten up your dinner table with these elegant DIY Napkin Ring Ideas. Listed below are easily accessible craft ideas that can save a lot of your place setting time.

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Easy & Elegant DIY Napkin Ring Ideas

Fresh Flowers, Twigs and Twines

Flowers are one of the coolest available decorating materials and if you are lucky enough to have a backyard full of tini-mini flowers and twigs, you can easily make these cute and colourful Napkin Rings. You would just require scissors, hot glue, copper wire and coloured tape.


DIY napkin rings 2 DIY napkin rings 3

DIY napkin rings 4 DIY napkin rings 5

DIY napkin rings 6 DIY napkin rings 7

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Burlap Napkin Rings

Burlap sacks are great to decorate your napkin rings, especially if you are fond of rustic vintage look. It comes with wide variety of colours and as ribbon rolls as well. Listed below are few DIY Napkin Rings ideas with ‘burlaps, toilet paper roll and few trinkets’ that I find very simple to replicate.

  • Burlap and Button

DIY napkin rings 9

  • Pine Nut Décor


DIY napkin rings 10

  • Artificial Flowers Ring

DIY napkin rings 11


DIY napkin rings 12

  • Burlap Rose

DIY napkin rings 13


DIY napkin rings 14

  • Wooden Leaf and Jute Twine

DIY napkin rings 15

  • Pearl Bracelet


DIY napkin rings 16

  • Braided Embroidery Ring

DIY napkin rings 17

A Rose-mary To Your Guests

Isn’t it surprising that even herbs such as rosemary can come to our aid for a modest napkin ring?


DIY napkin rings 18

An Aristocrat Napkin Ring

You can bring fun element to your décor with this shirt napkin ring. Things needed for this DIY are toilet paper roll, colourful papers and button.

DIY napkin rings 19


DIY napkin rings 20

Wooden Hearts Ring

Wooden hearts are easily available these days. You would additionally require old napkin rings, black paint, double sided tape and that’s all (it isn’t a long listJ). Aren’t they adorable? You can scribble the initials of your guests too.

DIY napkin rings 21

Hello, Turkey

Ok, you should definitely try this for your place setting idea as the DIY Napkin Ring goes well with Christmas, Easter or even Thanksgiving.


DIY napkin rings 22

Friendly Apron

If you have the time to execute, then you might as well cheer up your guests with this photograph glued apron napkin ring.

DIY napkin rings 23

Burlap Bags

Although it doesn’t count as a ring, it sure got its place in my list because, firstly, it’s made of burlap bags and secondly, they are extremely easy to make.


DIY napkin rings 24 DIY napkin rings 25

Maple Leaf Ring

Maple leaves are one of my favourites, and it as a part of a napkin is surely creative. A roll of thick jute twine, few balloons and acrylic maple gems is required for this DIY napkin ring idea.


DIY napkin rings 26 DIY napkin rings 26

Pearl Beads Ring

If you have stored beads of a necklace that you don’t wear, use them to make this inexpensive pearl bead ring.


DIY napkin rings 27

Tiny Gold Frames

The easily available store-brought frames make a grand dinner plan even more appealing. Replace the cloth with burlap will also serve the purpose.

DIY napkin rings 28


DIY napkin rings 29

Pistachio Shells Ring

See, we don’t allow anything to be wasted, do we? This is one of the interesting ways to use the pistachio shells.

DIY napkin rings 30

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Toilet Paper Rolls

We have easy access to toilet paper rolls at home and it could be part of our formal place setting if we know how to use them. Here you go with few ideas;

  • Washi Tape


DIY napkin rings 31

  • Washi Tape & Ribbons

DIY napkin rings 32

  • Dry Leaves


DIY napkin rings 33

  • Golden Flower and Felt Paper

DIY napkin rings 34

  • Paper Plaster


DIY napkin rings 35

Paper Leaves Wreath

Punching machines that cut papers into beautiful shapes are storming in the market. Use them  for your DIYs.

DIY napkin rings 36

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Golden Cardboard

Make your use of your old cardboard by turning them into napkin rings.


DIY napkin rings 37 DIY napkin rings 38

Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbon roll, embroidered thread, and copper bells can create gorgeous napkin rings. Check these out.


DIY napkin rings 39 DIY napkin rings 40

Tree Branch

Use any fresh wood branch, cut them into desired inch and drill holes for a rustic napkin ring.


DIY napkin rings 41

Ceramic Clay Ring

Craft a unique napkin ring with the help of ceramic clay, rolling-pin and paint.

DIY napkin rings 42

Berry Ring

If you see fallen berries in your backyard, use them to make this berry ring.


DIY napkin rings 43

Twine Cage

Have your own cage napkin ring with the help of balloons, glue and coloured twines.

DIY napkin rings 44


DIY napkin rings 45

Grossain Ribbons

They are very exclusively elegant and quite a catch in a grand dinner party.

DIY napkin rings 46


DIY napkin rings 46

Jewelled Plastic Rings

Buy few readymade plastic rings, sticker jewelleries, acrylic colours and printed quotes and fashion quickly these beautiful wedding napkin rings.

DIY napkin rings 48


DIY napkin rings 49 DIY napkin rings 50

Easter Eggs

If it’s Easter, there has to be eggs. During Easter you get these tiny pin balls and egg nests in stores. Use them to make these lovely rings.


DIY napkin rings 51

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Old Table Cloth

Don’t let anything go waste; instead turn them into easy napkin rings ideas.

DIY napkin rings 52


DIY napkin rings 53

Yoga Mat Ring

Turn your old yoga mats and Golden pyramids into easy DIY Napkin Rings

DIY napkin rings 54

If you are wondering how to style your table napkins, worry no more as these DIY Napkin Ring ideas will inspire your table decoration and help you improvise your formal (or informal) table setting, whether the celebration is a Grand Wedding Feast or just a friendly Spring Coffee Table meet up.

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Please do share your personal favourite DIY napkin ring ideas with us in the comments.

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