23 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas You Need To Try Right Now

How many of you agree that cakes are the true Saving Grace of a party?

My cake story….

I remember during my teens I was a part of an enormous hippie gang. This resulted in attending at least two birthday parties every month. And being just a normal school goer with limited budget for gifts, I usually found myself in the kitchen baking cake for the birthday kiddo.

Although my cakes were delicious to eat, they had a conflicting appearance – dull and colorless. Being a novice in baking, I lacked at executing easy cake decorating ideas as artistically as the expensive proficients of the industry. And I know most of you (including my bestie) totally fall short when it comes to icing cakes.

But worry not…

However, with time I learned that it’s better to keep everything simple and go for easy ideas for decoration than fail big time in bringing together an extravagant dessert. Having said that I am going to share 23 easy cake decorating ideas where you can get inspiration from for your next quick baking session.

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Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

1) Readymade Fondant

Readymade fondant rolls are quickest way to add texture to your simple sponge cake.

2) Store bought Meringues



Meringues are crunchier alternatives for piped rosettes.

3) Icing Sugar dust


With stencils and icing sugar you can even create patterns on the cake.

4) Edible glitters stripes

Colourful edible glitters can be a promising rainbow cake topping for a little princess.

5) Fruits


Seasonal fruits like mangoes, bananas, kiwi, raspberries and strawberries make easy cake decorating ideas.

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6) Nuts


Mixed nuts are perfect and easily available alternative. Match nuts as per to the flavour of the cake: walnuts for carrot and almonds and raisins for chocolate

7) Candied Citrus


Thinly sliced orange and lemon wedges simmered in sugar syrup works wonder on cakes

8) Desiccated coconut frosting


Desiccated coconut topping is healthier option to chocolates and icing sugar.

9) Cookies


If not anything else then vanilla cookies or Oreos shall perfectly perk your cake’s appearance.

10) Organic Flowers


Do you know organic flower petals make an incredible cake decoration?

11) Gummy Bears


Gummy bears and chocolates never fail to impress a child. Make sure you add a lot of them guilt free.

12) Sprinklers


Colourful sprinklers come in different flavours and are most handy choice of icing.

13) Paint splashes


Use a paint brush and create wonders with edible water colours.

14) Miniature dolls

Toys not only delight kids but they also make the perfect cake décor.

15) Candles


Sporty candles are simple and handy add-ons for cakes.

16) Chocolate Ganache


Chocolate ganache are trending go-to option for cakes.

17) Dum Dum Suckers

If not anything, then unwrap few dum-dum sticks and place them on your cake.

18) Liquorice


Colourful liquorice also does the trick.

19) Marshmallows


Marshmallows are sumptuous, melting and most favoured idea for the little one’s cake.

20) Wafers and ice-cream cones


Wafers and ice-cream cones can save your horror time at the last minute.

21) Buttercream frosting

Butter creams and piping bags are very popular cake topping combination as they can be easily moulded in to desired forms.

22) Marzipan


Nutty almond Marzipans are also a substitute for fondant. They are tastier and require no hard work.

23) M&M style


Present the little boy with a M&M filled chocolate birthday cake.

Note: Make sure to cover the sponge with a thin layer of melted butter or chocolate (of right temperature) when sticking the aforementioned ingredients.

The easy cake decorating ideas are readily available in your kitchen or you can find them in a local super market. The good part is these are not exactly cake frosting materials but rather they are day-to-day eateries made special and impressive.

Dear Readers,

Hope these ideas did the trick today in your kitchen. Let me know in the comments which one of these was the quickest to put together.