Why We Should Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

Lemon is considered most versatile fruit as it is packed with subsequent health benefits. Rich in Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, flavonoids and copper, lemon is not only a perfect meal enhancer but is also proven to be the best natural treatment for diseases and disorders. Ayurveda science states that a regular intake of warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning builds up resistance to various diseases, balances the natural phenomenon of our body system and aligns our mind to foster positive energies. Why warm, because our body takes time to process cold water.

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Here are 11 reasons why we should drink warm lemon water in the morning

1) Aids in weight loss

Lemon juice is rich in pectin that promotes weight loss. Pectin is a fibre that curbs down the feeling of hunger and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, when consumed early in the morning, it stimulates our basal metabolic rate (BMR) which supports to lose weight faster.

2) Improves oral hygiene

Kick-starting your day with warm lemon juice relive tooth pain, produce fresh breath and prevent gingivitis.

3) Regulates pH level

Lemons are high in alkaline, which is easily metabolised and help alkalize the blood sufficiently. Drinking lemon water before meals lets your body to regulate pH level and a stabilised pH level fights diseases and balances the acid level including uric acids.

4) Skin treatment

Drinking lemon water in empty stomach purges toxins from our blood thereby aiding to prevent ageing, decrease wrinkles and blemishes and clear skin tone. Vitamin C and Antioxidant properties provide a glowing skin and remove acne production.

5) Prevents kidney stones

Lemon juice has higher level of citric and ascorbic acids. The citric acid works faster early in the morning and helps to reduce the production of calcium oxalate stones and also aids in lessening the acidic content in urine, thereby stopping the production of kidney stones.

6) Prevents indigestion and constipation

High content of minerals and vitamins relieve constipation, indigestion, heart burn, bloating and belching. It works exactly like the saliva and flushes unwanted toxins from our body that bothers the bowel functioning.

7) Effective liver function

Starting the day with warm lemon juice encourages liver to produce bile that stimulates day long digestion. When combined with water and other herbs, lemon cleanses toxins from liver which furthermore regulates healthy functioning of other organs.

8) Reduces depression and stress

Lemons contain negative charged ions that correlate positively with our digestive tract enzymes and thus produce mood enhancing and energising properties. The high potassium content also fights depression and anxiety to a considerable level.

9) Boost immune systemwhy-we-should-drink-warm-lemon-water-in-the-morning-9

The high vitamin C content in lemons aids in preventing cold. The potassium present regulates the nervous system and controls blood pressure. The ascorbic acid also addresses other respiratory issues such as inflammation, low functioning of irons and asthma.

10) Improves vision

Cataract, dry eyes and blurry vision can be successively cured if lemon is added in tepid water and consumed half an hour before breakfast. It also fights eye problems like glaucoma, nerves issues and conjunctivitis.

11) Healing agent

Vitamin C fights damaged cells and tissues caused by free radicals. An empty stomach helps vitamin C to secrete more collagen into our system, which helps in wound and scar healing. Warm lemon water also purifies the blood and cleanses the arteries.

Buy lemons which are yellow in colour and have thinner walls. The citric acid present in the fruit may wear down our tooth enamel; hence it is recommended to brush teeth prior to drinking. Lemons stay fresh when stored in sealed plastic bags. Don’t add lemons to excessive hot water nor in too cold water. Use tepid water instead.

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