Simple and Creative DIY Wedding Napkin Fold Designs (25+)

I swear on the seas and oceans that I attend weddings especially to hog on the dinner. Who doesn’t? Of course, it is fun to flirt and dance, but we always secretly eye for the dinner table and wait to help ourselves with the lavish feast.

As important it is a dinner to a wedding, napkins and silverware equally play a vital role in the serving. And hence, they should be presented in beautiful ways to make the celebration even more appetizing. Here are 21+ simple wedding napkin folds for your inspiration.

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DIY Wedding Napkin Fold Designs

1) Elf hat napkin


If Christmas is just ahead, then these elf hat napkin folds may be the perfect table decorators.

2) French pleat


French pleat is one of the classic wedding napkin folds and is very easy to pleat as well.

3) Standing Fan


A perfect table decor for a Chinese themed wedding.

4) Basic Fold


When you have a humongous number of guests rolling-in and you are running short of time, basic fold can be handy.

5) Bow tie


An elegant pre wedding dinner napkin fold.

6) Envelope


Envelopes are quirky and fun and you can always store in a special treat for your guests.

7) Diamond Pouch


Diamond pouches if folded perfectly, create a simple yet classy dinner table decor.

8) Formal Necktie


Bachelor’s party? Well, this is what you need on the table.

9) Gorgeous Rose


Rose symbolizes love, grandeur and wedding bells… so why not on the table?

10) Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras Fuer De Lys fold can be an authentic table decor for a masquerade wedding party night.

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11) Vase


Vases can be an inspiring autumn wedding table napkin decor.

12) Rolled

Rolled Napkin fold is a quick trick and a saving grace.

13) Swirl or Waterfall


This is another creative and less frequented table napkin fold in kitchen. It though takes time; the outcome is worth all the effort.

14) Christmas Star


Another beautiful napkin fold for a winter themed wedding; you may not feel to unravel it at all.

15) Christmas tree


One more from the Christmas bucket list: not so common in weddings but you sure can add it to one of the pre wedding functions if the dates are around Christmas.

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16) Heart Napkin


It’s a wedding and there’s no heart, how is it possible? Heart design is the most celebrated wedding napkin design.

17) Single pocket


One can do many things with single pocket napkin in a wedding. Fill the pocket with the menu or silverware or surprise your guests with unexpected seating partner.

18) Baroque flower


Make your wedding dinner grand and appealing by adorning it with this baroque napkin flower.

19) Shirt


Surprise the ladies with this naughty looking shirt napkin. (You can also slip-in some tiny titbits for fun).

20) Bunny’s Ear


Bunny’s ear, though not ideal for the big day, does have its own charm and can work well with pre or post celebrations.

21) Pyramid


They are common, yet unique way to fold a napkin.

22) Scarf


Another quirky bridal shower or bachelor’s party napkin folds design.

23) Pendant Napkin


A very stylish yet traditional napkin fold

24) Pinwheel


Very uncommon. Though, time consuming, it does add value to your meal.

25) The Classic Swan


Swans play major part in wedding celebrations. Do include for ethnic touch.

26) Majestic Crown


Crowns can be palatial if adorned with a beautiful flower.

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27) Bishop’s hat


Simple looking but a creative way to present a napkin. You can fill in the hat with menu or name card.

28) Candle


Just perfect for an open late night wedding affair.

Needless to say napkins do play an important part in a wedding dinner. Hence, don’t be a miser while choosing a well-designed napkin for the table. The aforementioned wedding napkin folds are simple to create yet lavish in appeal.

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