21 Killer Cooking Hacks (and Secrets) Nobody Will Teach You

Cooking is a very precise art and practice that many cannot master that easily. The whole process involves many procedures, approaches, and techniques that only the best boost and know about.cooking hacks 5 However, there are some simple cooking tips and tricks that even you can try you. Today, we are going to discuss and check out some of the hidden & uncommon Cooking hacks and the tips that even you can copy and use the next time you head towards your kitchen area.

So, let us look and check out some of the secret hacks that chefs and professionals cooks all around the world use to make their cooking smarter and easier.

Cooking Hacks and Secrets:


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1) Dry up the herbs in microwave


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Herbs come handy in many dishes and recipes but storing them can become a huge problem. To make your own mix of herbs, make sure to dry them out first; use a microwave for this. Dry them for 20 seconds each side until they are dry. You can then crush them up after this and store.

2) Keep apple slices with your baked productscooking hacks 2

Some of the baked products you make tend to dry up quickly and they don’t taste as well, after just a few days. Keeping apple slices in the container can help the cause. The apple will help the baked items to preserve the moisture in a better way.

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3) Lessen the extra sweetness with lime or lemon


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Did you make a pie or a cake that is too sweet? Just a few drops of lemon or lime juice on the top can save your preparation. This is considered as one of the most helpful cooking tips and tricks that you can employ.

4) Make pretty pie designs with a spooncooking hacks 7

Instead of using your hands, or any other object, take a spoon or even a fork to make designs and patterns over your batter.

5) Control the water boil


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When you are making many dishes and preparations together, keeping a tab on boiling water can be a tedious task. To prevent the water from boiling up and over, use a wooden spatula or spoon, in place of the lid, over the pot. The wood will insulate the heat!

6) Put a wet paper towel under your cutting boardcooking hacks 9

If you feel your cutting-board moves all around when you are manoeuvring over it with a sharp knife, then use a wet paper towel under it. This will stop the irritating movements.

7) Cut with dental floss


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Things can go utterly wrong when you try to cut a Swiss roll or a large cake with a small knife. However, with this dental floss hack, you can easily cut make precise and quick cuts. Just use the floss carefully and carve your way through.   

8) Ice-Cube up the herbs


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The process is quite simple and it can provide you tons of convenience. Begin by stocking up the herbs and chopping them. Then put them inside an ice tray, cover them with olive oil and freeze them. When you want to use some herbs, you can simply put in the cubes!

9) Wrap soda bottles with wet paper for a quick chillcooking hacks 12

Sometimes, because of hot and humid temperatures, your freezer might not seem that effective to quickly cool up all your soda bottles. Just wrapping up wet paper towels around the bottles and putting them in the freezer can do the trick. This hack will cool your drinks bottle pretty quickly.

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10) Crunch up your bread again


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If, for some reason or other, you have ended up with a stale loaf of baguette or bread, then you must exercise this hack. Just run the bread through some water and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes or so. You can even use a wet towel and put in the oven.

Considered as one of the best cooking tricks, the process will certainly make your stale bread crunchy and fresh again.

11) Zip-lock your ice cream

Ice cream in your freezer can get cold, hard and rock solid. Moreover, it can take aeons to thaw, thus delaying your first bite. However, putting the ice cream container inside a plastic lock bag can give you the right consistency!

12) The ultimate pomegranate tick


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Taking out all the pomegranate seeds quickly can be a very tedious task. However, there is one easy way to do it. First, pull the fruit apart or cut it half. Loosen the half pomegranate around the edges. Then, simply take a kitchen spatula or spoon and wack the fruit towards your bowl. The seeds will automatically fall inside the bowl and within 10 seconds or so your job will be done.

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13) The cake-mix hackcooking hacks 8

Want your homemade cake mix to taste just like a top bakery product? Well, you can do this very easily. Start and prepare the mix as per the box’s instructions, then add one or two more eggs for extra taste.

Replace the oil with butter and double the quantity, also replace water with milk. Now bake your batter as per the directions given!

Some of the above-mentioned Cooking hacks and tips can seriously keep you safe and save your time when you try to prepare your next culinary wonder.

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