9 Myths About Coffee and Tea That Seriously Need to Die

Coffee and Tea are two of the most popular drinks in today’s world. Adored by many, these caffeinated drinks are the charm of every evening gossip or a tete-a-tete.  imageFrom keeping active to relishing the taste of the caffeine, people drink tea and coffee for several reasons. However, very strangely, there are people who avoid consuming the pair for some frivolous reasons. Yes, tea and coffee have had to endure its fair share of notorious innuendos and accusations from people who are convinced that both the drinks are not safe. In fact, the circulation of tea and coffee myths and rumours, over newspapers and the internet, has largely fuelled the worry even further.

Therefore, today, we are going to stand up for the tea and coffee drinkers and will try to bust and kill all the popular myths surrounding, arguably, the world’s most beloved drinks.

9 Popular Coffee and Tea Myths

Myth 1: Regular Tea and Coffee Drinking can cause stroke



Busted: It is true that most Tea types and Coffee contain caffeine. In addition, we all know excess caffeine intake can easily increase our blood pressure and give us a stroke.

This is only true when the excess caffeine amount is high and out of the roof. But, if you drink around 5 to 6 cups of coffee a day or even 8 cuppas of tea regularly, then you are safe. Just remember to keep your caffeine intake around 350 to 400 mg to enjoy the drinks regularly.

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Myth 2: Palpitations and anxiety

Popular Coffee and Tea Myths2

Again, this involves consuming tons of caffeine. However, there is a twist, to achieve ‘palpitation’ you must continuously drink four or 5 cups of coffee or six or 7 cups of tea at one single go to pump up your brain and adrenaline!

This is impossible to do, as we are sure you are a careful and a responsible drinker.

Myth 3: The drinks can pump up your cholesterol levels



There are one or two types of coffee, like the boiled coffee that is consumed only in Scandinavia, which can increase your body’s cholesterol, again if you drink too much of it each day. Other coffee and tea types cannot cause the same thing. Hence, you can easily drink them up without being at risk.

P.S: Most teas and caffeinated drinks can actually be good for your health and well-being.

Myth 4: Coffee & Tea causes you to smoke

Popular Coffee and Tea Myths4

Again, this is a big lie that the world tells us. Smoking and having tea/coffee is related to each other because you associate the two things yourself. If you drink coffee tea in the morning and light up a smoke along with it, every single day, then you are actually doing it by natural habit.

The caffeine is not the problem here; the issue is your habit and the trigger. Thus, if you want to quit smoking then just kick the butt, rather than hiding behind an excuse. And, no you do not start smoking because of caffeine, there is no scientific reasoning for this.

Myth 5: Tea & Coffee can dehydrate you



Caffeine, we have to agree, because of mild diuretic reasons, can prompt you to urinate more; however, the good thing is that you consume caffeine blended into coffee tea. Thus, your caffeine cup always contains water and this more than covers up for the diuretic effect.

Myth 6: The drinks can cause Cancer

Popular Coffee and Tea Myths6

This is another laughable accusation that you can ignore without any hesitation, what so ever. Coffee and Tea does not cause cancer of any type.

In fact, the beverages, especially some forms of tea, can help you to prevent some forms of cancer. However, you must never have extremely hot or boiling cups of tea or coffee regularly. We are talking about temperatures in excess of 65 degrees C.  

Myth 7: Drinking coffee or tea during pregnancy is a big no


Popular Coffee and Tea Myths7

This is also not right. Coffee or Tea during pregnancy is safe if the to-be mother drinks it with moderation.

She must not drink more than 200 mg of caffeine a day, or else there maybe some birth complications in later stages. Hence, a cup or two of tea or coffee is not considered risky at all.

Myth 8: Coffee or tea makes you anaemic.

Popular Coffee and Tea Myths8

Another internet troll that many believe in but it is not true at all. Coffee Tea does not absorb your iron content, as some articles on the internet may suggest.

However, if your iron counts are low, then you must not consume caffeine (and other things) during your mealtime so kill your iron intake. You can consult with your doctor on this matter too.

Myth 9: Tea or Coffee can disturb your regular sleeping pattern


Popular Coffee and Tea Myths9

We all must admit that when we need to stay awake deep into the night for some work, we all rely on coffee. Yes, caffeine in your body can stop the sleep inducing chemical to wreck up your brain.

In addition, the substance can pump more adrenaline that helps us to be alert and vigilant.

However, if you do not drink coffee and tea before you sleep and have more than 8 to 10-combined cups of the beverages a day, then you will not face any sleeping pattern problems. Logically, this will happen because of the fact that, the moderated caffeine intake levels will not be that adverse to affect your body.

It is obvious from the above nine myth busters that some of the accusations against coffee and tea are, completely and utterly, baseless and illogical. We vehemently advise you not to take these myths into considered the next time you enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Just remember, drinking excessive caffeine is not a good thing, just make sure you moderate your cups to make the most of the world’s second and third most popular drink.

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Have you ever come across any type of tea or coffee myth? Do let us know in the comments section. Let’s all fight for the dignity of tea and coffee!