25 Miraculous Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene

The one easily available nutriment which can be classified as ‘Super Food’ for its numerous health benefits is Coconut Oil. You know, we often times tend to take the mundane things, like Coconut for granted and opt for the store brought scientifically developed, expensive products. Have a look at your kitchen closet, and you shall see the humble coconut oil bottle quite literally being neglected. The Coconut Oil Uses are not only limited to hair care but also extends to skin, health and internal organs care.

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Coconut Oil Facts – Fatty Acids, Monolaurin, MCT and More

  • Coconut Oil is rich in Fatty Acids (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are metabolised differently as opposed to cheese, steaks and other saturated fat products. Hence, it has amazing therapeutic effects on brain disorders and seizures in epileptic patients.
  • The MCT in coconut also helps you to burn more calories or fats by 5% (around 120 cal. per day) leading to significant weight loss.
  • The MCT content also reduces our hunger pangs.
  • The oil’s fatty acids contain a higher percentage of Lauric Acid, which when digested, produces Monolaurin that helps prevent infections by killing several types of bacteria, pathogens, viruses and fungi.

If These Weren’t Enough….

And to you, the personal care conscious people, coconut oil can give you lot more than what you anticipate. So, let’s get going. Listed here are 25 Miraculous Uses of Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene.

25 Coconut Oil Uses for Personal Hygiene

1) After Shave

Coconut oil’s gentle nourishing nature treats razor cuts and rough bristles that occur from regular shaving. Apply generously post your shaving session regularly for lasting effect.

2) Cuticle Cream

Cuticles can be completely eliminated with regular coconut oil massage.

3) Split Ends

Needless to say, coconut oil’s hot nourishing therapy helps hair to grow stronger. The stronger your hair is, lesser are the chances of split ends.

4) Sunscreen

Coconut Oil Uses also extends to protecting us from UV rays significantly. Before going out for a beach party or sunny ride lather your exposed skin with virgin coconut oil. The natural oil has a SPF of 4 that helps to block UV radiation up to 75%

5) Eye Cream

Itchy eyes, red eyes or puffy eyes can be reduced and soothed instantly with coconut oil massage.

6) Teeth Whitening

Make a paste of baking soda and oil, and brush your teeth with it. Coconut oil surprisingly removes bad odour, tea and coffee stains and protects teeth from germ attack.

7) Make-Up Removal

Apply the oil generously on the make-up, rub gently to loosen up the cake and dirt and then wipe off with wet cotton ball.

8) Insect Repellent

You can help ward mosquitoes and other summer insects with a combination of peppermint or tea tree oil, essential oil and coconut oil. Insect bites and itchiness can also be treated with coconut oil.

9) Dandruff


Warm coconut oil scalp massage is a cost effective anti-dandruff formula.

10) Stretch Mark

Using coconut oil twice a day during pregnancy shall prevent women from developing stretch marks. However, oil massage heals post pregnancy and post weight loss stretch marks as well.

11) Muscle Rejuvenation

Coconut oil body massage (for 20-30 minutes) is one of the powerful ways to treat sore muscles, fatigue and post weight loss flabby skin.

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12) Hair Conditioner

This isn’t something new; a hundred year old therapy to have lustrous, thick and soft mane is warm coconut oil massage. Leave the oil overnight for enhanced results.

13) Ear Cleaner

One of the harmless ways to use earwax is by pouring half to one tablespoon of warm oil in your ear. For effectiveness, let the oil sit for 10 minutes before washing off with warm water.

14) Skin Exfoliator

A natural way for exfoliating skin; mix sea salt or granulated sugar or coarse coffee powder with virgin coconut oil and apply it instead of a microbeads scrub.  However, do not heat the oil while making the scrub.

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15) Lip Balm

Coconut oil is great for chapped and dried lips, especially during winters.

16) Hair Gel

Men can use coconut oil mixed with essential oil such as Lavender, to create a natural hair gel. It will not only nourish your hair but shall also do the task of a hair setting gel.

17) Body Scrub

Similar to the exfoliation therapy, you can mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar and few drops of scented essential oil to make an all-natural body scrub. You can store the product for long-term use as well.

18) Pores

Wash your face with warm water and let the oily pores open-up. Apply virgin coconut oil and rub generously. Wash off with tepid water. Coconut oil will not only clean the pores but will also retain the moisture that usual pore cleansers don’t.

19) Nail Care

Regular application of the oil will help protect your nails from turning yellow or becoming brittle. It also helps prevent cuticle growth.

20) Body Odour

Apply coconut oil on affected areas after your shower. The Lauric acid present in coconut not only fights infections but also works as an antiperspirant, foot deodorant and softener and effective treatment for athlete’s foot (fungus).

21) Cracked Heels

Lack of moisturiser promotes cracked painful heels. For better results, apply the oil and wrap the cracked heels with a cloth or wear socks.

22) Wrinkles

Use regularly on washed skin to fight signs of aging, including wrinkles, pores, marks etc. The MCT works wonder.

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23) Hand Wash

Make a homebased natural hand wash with coconut oil, little bit of soap and any essential oil. The coconut oil will protect your hand from hard chemicals of the soap.

24) Face Wash

Washing face with coconut oil will not only clear your pores, but will also help to preserve healthy skin, remove impurities and dead cells and improve skin tone. Ingredients you would need are oil and equal quantity of baking soda.

25) Acne

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties present in coconut oil fight germs, clear pores, neutralise inflammation to help prevent acnes. Apply on affected areas twice daily.

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Coconut Oil Uses are not limited to these personal hygiene cares but goes beyond your imagination so much so that we all can end up writing an extensive thesis on it. However, there are different grades of coconut oil such as refined, pure or virgin, organic etc. that has different usages. For example, refined oil is favoured for cooking, while virgin and organic coconut oils are ideal for weight loss and medicinal purposes respectively. So, next time while you sit under a tree and a coconut falls on your head, you should know what to do with it right?

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