Chop Tomatoes for Every Recipe: 3 Hacks (The noob’s guide!)

3 hacks to chop tomatoesImagine a cold night, and all you want to get yourself after a tiring day at work is a grilled tomato sandwich and a hot soup!

From French fries sided with tomato ketchup to hot tomato soup on a cold rainy day, Tomatoes are magical (did you know? tomato is a fruit!), it can be added to almost every recipe! I agree they’ve impacted our taste buds in a very positive way. While you go ahead and try to make that perfect sandwich, you might ponder how you’d cut the tomato and experiment, but alas most of the times it ends up turning into a sad tomato sandwich.

Few recipes call for diced tomatoes, few call for sliced ones, few call for cherry tomatoes and few call for the plum shaped ones!

Argh, how do I cut these tomatoes? Fret no more! I have compiled several ways to cut tomatoes based on the recipe and the shape of the tomato. Trust me, you’re going to be a pro at this.

Remember these handy tips before you go ahead and try out your new recipe consisting of tomatoes:
  • Choose wisely. Pick good tomatoes free of bruises and dark spots, also of good shape.
  • If you would love to peel the tomato skin. Drop the tomatoes into boiling water for 1 minute, when cooled peel away the skin and discard it.
  • Use a sharp serrated knife.
Let’s divide our easy tomato mincing hack into 2 main categories:
  1. Based on the type of tomato.
  • Cherry tomato.
  • Plum tomato.
  • Round tomato.
  1. Based on the recipe.
  • Slices for salads and hamburgers.
  • Dices for gravy and soup.
  • Stuffed tomato recipe

Based on the Type of Tomato.

Tomatoes come in various shapes and sizes. What if your tomato has a unique shape? Could you just go chop it right away? How do you find out what’s the easiest way to cut them? Here’s how:


Based on the type of Tomato

Trick 1: How you must handle round tomatoes?

So your tomato is plumpy and perfectly round in shape? You could use this for stuffing them up or make perfect round slices. Here’s how you deal with round tomatoes:

round tomatoes

  • Rinse and clean the tomato.
  • Cut it in half using a serrated knife and deseed them by gently squeezing out the seeds.
  • Now lay them down on a cutting board, hold the serrated knife parallel to your cutting board and go ahead make horizontal slices based on how thick you want your dices to be.
  • Repeat the same in a perpendicular fashion to the strips you’ve made to get your dices.
Trick 2: How you must handle plum tomatoes.

Plum tomatoes are usually elliptical and we find it hard to make them stand on a flat surface.


Plum Tomatoes

  • Rinse your tomato.
  • Make a thin slice from the bottom of the tomato and make a flat surface so that the tomato can stand.
  • Now make petal shaped cut from the top of the tomato to the bottom, this would make your deseeding process simpler.
  • Remove all the flesh in this manner and separate out the seed core. Discard the core.
  • Finally go ahead and cut each flesh strip based on how thick you want your dice to be and then cut it crosswise again to get your dices.
Trick 3: The simple cherry tomato trick

Cherry tomatoes are small and beautiful which could be used for salad dressings and many fresh recipes. Here’s a simple hack to cut cherry tomatoes.

cherry tomatoes

  • Rinse the cherry tomatoes.
  • Gather a handful of them and lay them down as a single layer.
  • Place a plastic container or a plate over them.
  • Apply light pressure over the tomatoes and quickly run your knife through the tomatoes.
  • This will cause the tomato to cut into halves.

Based on the recipe

Ah so you’re in the mood to cook some nice dinner for your family. How about tomato soup and a thick paneer gravy? Oh why not some Caesars salad as well? You see you’ve to chop your tomato in a unique way for each of these recipes.

How do you find out what’s the easiest way to cut them? Here’s how:


Based on the type of Recipe

Trick 1: Best way to slice a tomato:

If you’re in the mood for having hamburgers or place a decent salad for your guests then the right way to go would be to slice your tomatoes. Here’s how you do it:

Slice a tomato

  • Rinse the tomato since they contain a huge amount of pesticides.
  • Cut the tomato along the equator, alongside the stem (parallel) of the tomato.
  • Deseed them if needed. And continue slicing them in parallel to form slices.
  • However, if you’re going to need tomato slices for a hamburger you have to you’ll have to place the knife body perpendicular to your body and make round slices.

Julienne is a knife cut in which we cut the vegetable into long thin strips. Usually people use this for salads.


julienne tomatoes

  • Rinse the tomato
  • Cut tomato into half, deseed them by gently picking out the seeds.
  • Now use a sharp knife and slice them in a thin parallel fashion along the stem.

Suitable for preparing: Hamburger, sandwiches and salads.

Trick 2: Best way to Dice a tomato:

How about dicing up some huge chunks of tomatoes and use it for your thick tomato soup or gravy? Here’s how you do it:

Dice a Tomato

  • Rinse the tomato.
  • Cut the tomato into half.
  • Place your tomato upside down, and continue making horizontal cuts.
  • Now chop in a perpendicular way to the cuts you have made previously.
  • If you’d love to deseed your tomatoes, make long cuts from the top to the bottom (petal shaped) ensure the flesh is separated from the seed core and then discard the seed core.

Suitable for preparing: Tomato gravy, tomato soup and ketchup.

Trick 3: Let’s go stuff the tomatoes.

You might want to scoop out the contents in your tomato, fill it up and bake a delicious recipe. Here’s how you do it.


tomatoes for stuffing

  • Rinse and clean your tomato.
  • Make a small hole on the top.
  • Cut the tomato into half. Remove the seeds using a small spoon.
  • Go ahead and fill your stuffing!

I hope you have got a clear idea of how to master yourself in the kitchen and prepare delicious dishes, after all happiness is a large ripe tomato! Go ahead and impress your loved ones by showing off your newly acquired skills.

That’s all folks!

It’s time I heard something from you. If you’ve found these tips useful please go ahead and share it to your loved ones to make their lives easier just like I made yours!

Do you have any ideas, tips and tricks you’d love to share with us? How are you going to implement the hacks you’ve just learnt from this guide?

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