Chop Onions (Tear Free!) : 11 Amazingly Easy and Smart Ways

Chop Onions (Tear Free!) 11 Amazingly Easy and Smart WaysOnion is an ingredient which is used in almost every delicious delicacies made all around the world.

They are quite commonly eaten by many but are notoriously, and infamously, known for moistening your eyes. Onions are the perfect example of the idiom ‘no pain, no gain’.

You have to endure the itching and irritation, and even tears, in your eyes while you chop and fine up that perfect onion for your recipe. But what if we tell you there is gain without any pain or you can enjoy delicious food without crying your eyes out.

Here are some of the amazing tips and few steps to cut onions without shedding tears.

#1: Always use a sharp knife


Always use a sharp knifeUsing a sharp knife helps in making a clean cut in the onion. Thus fewer irritants are released that causes teary eyes. You can use a stainless steel knife which is sharper than the other knives.

#2: Refrigerate the onions before cutting

Refrigerate the onions before cuttingKeep the onions in refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes before chopping them. Keeping the onions cold makes the release of Sulfur, the irritant, slower and gives you much time before tears appear.

#3: Turn down the onion after cutting


Turn down the onion after cuttingAs soon as you cut the onion in two halves, turn them down so that the part where there is no cut is facing you. This slows down the release of fumes from the onion—and lets you cut in peace.

#4: Light a candle nearby

Light a candle nearbyLighting a candle nearby your chopping area will take away the fumes from the onions so that you can cut them without smearing your mascara. You can also turn on the stove nearby to generate the same effect.

#5: Chop under running water


Chop under running waterRunning water absorbs the Sulfur released from the onions while chopping. Sulfur is the element to blame for tears. Chopping under the running water is a sure short method of chopping onions without tears.

#6: Stick a piece of bread in your mouth

Stick a piece of bread in your mouth

While chopping those tear causing onions, stick some bread in your mouth. The bread will absorb the fumes getting emitted from the onions and will save you from tears.

#7: Chew a chewing gum


Chew a chewing gumStart chewing a chewing gum during chopping the onions. The purpose of chewing a gum is to force you to breathe from your mouth instead of nose. In this way, you will breathe in Sulfur and it will not hurt your eyes.

#8: Refrain from chopping off the root

Refrain from chopping off the rootNever chop off the root if you want a tear free onion chopping experience. Roots are where the tear causing Sulfur resides. Cut the rest of the onion first and keep the root intact.

#9: Apply lemon juice on the knife


Apply lemon juice on the knifeWipe your knife with fresh lemon juice before cutting onions. The strong smell of lemon juice will overpower the tears, inducing the smell of the onion too.

#10: Turn on the fan

Turn on the fanTurn on the fan near the area where you are chopping onions to blow away the fumes of the onion.

#11: Wear goggles


Wear gogglesWear goggles while chopping onions to keep away the fumes. This may sound stupid but I will prefer being stupid than having teary eyes on any day of the week.

So, there you go. Now you know how to chop onions without shedding tears. We certainly hope that these cutting techniques and innovative methods will help you to chop onions without crying one single bit.

You can also type in your feedback after trying out these techniques personally or comment if you have some more tips which can save us all from taking out that handkerchief to wipe.