Warning: Are You Eating These Bad (Wrong) Food Combinations That Make You Sick?

Tasty food is directly proportionate to happiness; maths cannot go wrong here. We deliberately stuff ourselves with junk foods albeit knowing its risk. However, we oftentimes forget about the danger that lurks behind certain foods. Sometimes we try combining healthy foods together to adopt a healthier and tastier approach without understanding certain Bad Food Combinations, considered by Ayurveda, physiologist and modern hygienists, can cause potential havoc in our body.


Don’t Succumb to Bad Food Combinations That Make You Sick

Food should not make you sick, be it cooked or raw, and if they do then it’s time to stop them. Some of the immediate effects of bad food combinations include gas, acidity, bloating, stomach ache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headache. While these effects can clear-up in 2 -3 days, such food combinations in the longer run can lead to  chronic health problems like rashes, dry skin, dehydration, low energy, sleeplessness, bad breath, inflammation and chronic digestive issues.

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Therefore to eliminate these risks, we have mentioned some of the popular foods that shouldn’t be eaten together. You will actually experience a burst of energy and enjoy perfect BMR if you check on these combinations ASAP.

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List of Food That Shouldn’t Be Eaten Together

Fruits With Meals

Fruits are absorbed quickly by the intestines as they contain fructose, but when they are consumed along with meat, grains and high in starch, fatty foods, they stay longer in the digestive tract and ferment, which may damage the walls of our intestine.

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Antibiotics With Diary Products

Some antibiotics, including Cipro, loose their activity to iron, calcium and mineral present in milk based products. This not only ultimately prevents full absorption of antibiotics in our bodies but also decreases their ability to fight infection.

P.S: Avoid curd, milk, ice-cream and cheese 2 hours before and after taking pills. 

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Meat with Starchy Food

Meats (animal protein) and carbohydrates consumed at the same time may negate effects of each micronutrient. Protein is digested in stomach while starch is digested in small intestine. The digested protein will hold back the carb in stomach and make it toxic. Their different enzyme activities will clash and cause gas and bloated stomach, discomfort and flatulence.

Make sure you have limited quantity if you are indulging in chicken pasta or pot roast.

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Lemons with Cough Medicines

Limes and several oranges, apart from the common grapefruit, are known to break down cholesterol lowering statins including cough suppressant, dextromethorphan. The risk may involve dextromethorphan getting into the bloodstream and making you experience severe hallucination, sleepiness or sustained muscle damage.

Avoid the fruits when you are on dextromethorphan. However know Why We Should Drink Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

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Mint with Aerated Drinks

Peppermint with aerated drink is an extremely bad food combination that may produce Cyanide (if mixed in the right proportion). So; the wiser option would be to avoid the blend altogether, proportionate or not.

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Tomatoes and Starchy Carbs

Starchy Carbs include rice, sweet potatoes, pasta etc. Tomato being an acidic food, if eaten along with starchy carbohydrates, can cause indigestion, fatigue and other digestive problems.

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Milk and Citrus Fruits or Vegetables

When lime is squeezed in milk, you must have generally observed that it coagulates due to acidic reaction. Similar reaction takes place in our body when citric fruits and milk are consumed together, leading to chest burn and gastric problems.

People with lactose intolerance should definitely avoid this combination. Here are Top 11 Foods to Eat When Nauseous (+How to consume Them)

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Beans and Cheese

Although it’s a classic combination along with guacamole and hot sauce in Mexican cuisine, the entire recipe (not just beans alone) will build heavy gas and bloating.

So either avoid cheese or avoid tomato when you are going for this dish.

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Smoked Meats with Anti-depressants

Most anti-depressants contain Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors or MAOI and combining it with food that’s rich in amino acid tyramine can cause severe raise in blood pressure. The list of food in here include summer sausages, smoked salmon, beef, red wine, hot dogs, soy sauce, home brewed beer, aged cheese etc.

However, the newer generation anti-depressants do not include MAIOs. So consult with your doc for a safer prescription.

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Banana and Milk

Ayurveda lists that this combination is very toxic to our bodies than it seems. It creates heaviness and slows down our brain activity for prolonged time.

However, if you are a fan of this combination, then make sure the fruit is extremely ripe, and a pinch of cardamom and nutmeg is added for digestion.

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Fruits and Yoghurt

Dairy products are by itself a foe to allergies, and cold and flu symptoms. Fruits in yoghurt can further worsen sinus, congestion, cold and other allergenic symptoms. The combination also diminishes digestive fibres. Greek Yoghurt is a better option if you develop a craving for fruits in yoghurt.

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Chocolate with Ritalin

Ritalin is prescribed to treat various central nervous system issues. However, having it along with chocolate can deteriorate your issue. Chocolates contain caffeine and caffeine contains a stimulant called theobromine. So combining the two items may potentially lead us to behave erratically, feel more nervous and wired or experience seizures.

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Orange Juice with Cereals or Oats and Milk

Acids in fruits easily destroy the enzymes in cereals responsible for digesting cereal starches. Citric acid can also curdle the milk and build heavy mucus producing substance. Therefore, have a healthy breakfast by leaving a substantial time gap between the two.

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Sugar With Proteins

If you are one of those who like to end a delicious chicken meal with a red velvet cupcake, then think twice because soon your tummy will give up. Sugar makes protein digesting enzyme sluggish which means longer time for digestion and greater chances of gas, indigestion and stomach aches.

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Wine and Pudding

Alcohol generally increases insulin production in our body. So when you eat dessert with alcohol, the high amount of sugar will be stored as fat which will lead to unnecessary weight gain.

It is always safer to consume low GI (glycaemic index) rated foods such as fibres with Alcohol. Learn What Will Happen if you Drink Red Wine Every Day?

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Salt and Milk

If salt, which contains sodium, is added to milk, it would work against the calcium ions of the calcium casein present in milk, which would eventually lead in to curdling, emulsification or albinum metabolism of the milk. Also read What Not To Eat When Pregnant – The Complete List

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Muffin With Fruit Juice

Both the foods lack protein and fibre but contain higher amount of sugar content. This combination has zero nutritional value and offers loads of calories. It is one of the worst forms of Breakfasts.  Therefore, treat yourself with wholegrain varieties of muffins and whole fruits leaving a gap in between to avoid sluggishness and crankiness all-through the day.

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The lists of bad food combination can forever go on. Some people may be allergic to certain food; for them any combination with that particular ingredient will be harmful. If you face recurrent bouts of indigestion, gas and upset stomach, it’s definitely something to do with your eating habits. Consult your doctor for better insights.  However, remember to leave a gap of ½ to 1 hour, unless asked otherwise, if you choose to combine eat the aforementioned foods. Show your body some respect and live a healthier life.

Know any such bad food combination that makes you sick? Do remark in the comments below.