7 Foods to Avoid Eating on a Date (And What to Order Instead)

7 Foods to Avoid Eating on a Date (And What to Order Instead)Messy date nights are a huge turn off.  From food scarfing to remnant riddled smiles, these could just decrease your chances for a next date. Adventures are awesome but not when it comes to food.

No one would love to watch their date make weird faces trying to remove that food particle from their mouth or is in need of a bad mouth freshener.

It isn’t sexy or something that you’d like to remember. It’s the food that one orders that can make or break your chemistry for that night.

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Pre date Preparations

While you’re out on a date enjoying some nice romantic time please keep in mind you must know what food you’re planning to order. Please avoid experimenting. Keep this checklist handy once you have decided on the menu. Check if the food is:

  • Filled with sauces?
  • Too spicy?
  • Messy garlicky food?
  • Distracting people around you?
  • Causing Stained teeth?
  • Is it a noisy venue?

And most importantly,

  • If you’ll look funny while eating it?

So you might be wondering what food items one must avoid on a date, please continue reading to get an insight on the same.

So, What Foods to Avoid on a Date?

There’s no point taking your date to a Chinese restaurant when they absolutely hate it. Whoever has planned the date must try, understand and find the ideal place to dine on their first date. So if you want to make it a memorable date and something you’d want to remember, check out our list of foods one must avoid on a date.

#1 Salad

If either of you is going to be all diet conscious and is planning to order a salad for yourself then it’s going to leave your partner feel uncomfortable specially if they aren’t on a diet regimen and they’re planning to order some real good food.

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Foods to Avoid on a Date - salad

#2 Burger or a Messy Cheese Pizza

Be careful when you order a burger. A burger that’s bigger than your mouth won’t be pretty to watch. If you’re at a burger joint then you don’t have much choice than to choose the most appropriate sized burger. Same goes with cheese Pizzas.

Foods to Avoid on a Date - burger

#3 Ice creams and Chocolate cake

Avoid taking an ice cream cone. You’d be awkwardly licking your ice cream and your partner will stare at you and don’t know what might run on their mind. Chocolate moist cake also could get quite messy. You get the picture?


Foods to Avoid on a Date - ice cream

#4 Spicy saucy food

Avoid anything that’s extremely spicy. You wouldn’t want to sweat all that spice out and appear red like a tomato in front of your date. Also avoid food items that contain too much of sauces in them because these dripping sauces could ruin your date by spilling all over your face and clothes.

Imagine sticky fingers, running nose and sweat all over? Quite disgusting!

Foods to Avoid on a Date - spicy food

#5 Soup

Soups are awesome unless one of you start making slurping noises while having it which could appear quite ugly and make the other person quite uncomfortable.

Also soups take relatively longer time to cool, and you might be wasting half of your time blowing away the soup to cool it off instead of indulging in some good talk with your date. Please keep this on your mind before you order some soup.


Foods to Avoid on a Date - soup

#6 Spinach or Corn

Avoid eating spinach as there are high chances of them getting stuck on your teeth and you might appear funny as hell! You might even start rubbing your tongue against your gums to get it out of your teeth, and you might be giving away funny odd shapes on your face.

Your date will definitely feel awkward by the sight of this.

foods to avoid on a date - spinach or corn

#7 Garlic or Onion

Avoid dishes that are too “fragrant” such as onion and garlic since this will send out an unpleasant odor when you talk. No amount of breath mints can mask the stinky breath and it’ll be a huge turn off.


foods to avoid on a date -Garlic or Onion

So that’s about those foods to avoid eating on a date. So what wiser choices one must make while on a date? It’s quite simple stick to those food items that are easy to eat, not chewy or that doesn’t require much concentration to eat.

The main aim is to be able to talk freely and spend time with your date without worrying much about the food and the embarrassment.

Now if you’re wondering what food one must order on your great event, continue reading to get an idea about the same.

What you Can Order Instead?

Forget what you’re wearing, now it’s time to focus on what food you must order. What you feel is definitely influenced by what you eat.

Whether you have planned a romantic night of Netflix and chill, or some dancing, you’d want your body to cooperate with your date night.

Are you wondering what food you must order to have a great time? Here you go, these are few food items which are safe to order and have a great date:

#1 Pasta

Pasta tastes awesome and it also sends out a sign that you aren’t one of those kinds who counts on calories. It isn’t messy too and both of you can pay less attention to the food and more to your date.

date menu - pasta

#2 Risotto

Risottos are tasty and you needn’t have to slurp a bowl off worrying about getting the sauce on your skirt either. This is a great food to order on a date.


date menu - Risotto

#3 Tapas

Order some appetizers, let loose and get some finger food. This is hassle free and you can share small bites with your date. This brings in instant connection on your romantic evening.

food menu - Tapas

#4 Wine

Wine completes your date. It is elegant, classy and sexy. You will also feel relaxed after few sips. You can go for white wine since this won’t leave stains on your teeth.


date menu - Wine

#5 Cappuccino

Every date proposal would have started with a “Let’s meet over a cup of coffee someday”. It acts a great ice breaker and a conversation starter.

date menu - Cappuccino

Well that’s about it, these are some foods you can order on a date. It’s not just the food but also the way you eat that sets an impact.

Be elegant and take small bites, don’t appear like you’ve been hungry since a century and attack the food. Try and make some conversation in between your mouthfuls. Go ahead, order these foods and enjoy your date!

Have you had any such embarrassing or wonderful date experience you’d like to share across? Please leave a comment, I’d be more than happy to hear you.