27 Coolest Kitchen Tools that will Actually Make Your Life Easier

Cake Server kitchen tool - foodalayaHaving the right tool for the right job makes life simpler right? Every household cook and moms need innovative kitchen tools which reduce the overall prep time.

From slicing tomatoes to making trendy avocado salad, everything become simpler with these kitchen tools.

Here we have compiled a list of all the latest kitchen tools which will revolutionize your life. These fancy tools are going to be your sous chef. Trust me, it’s going to make your life easier, much easier!

#1: Zip Zester

Peel off the rind from any fruit/ vegetable easily!


Zip Zester kitchen tool - foodalaya

#2: Tomato Slicer & Knife

Now slicing tomato gets easier, even in one hand!

Tomato Slicer & Knife kitchen tool - foodalaya

#3: Nutmeg Grinder

Helps one enjoy the aroma of nutmeg, by grinding it.


Nutmeg Grinder kitchen tool - foodalaya

#5: Banana Slicer

A great fun activity for kids, slicing the banana all at once.

Banana Slicer kitchen tool - foodalaya

#6: Tri-Blade Spiralizer

Spiralling done easily.


Tri-Blade Spiralizer kitchen tool - foodalaya

#7: Silicone Steaming Lid

Avoids over boiling and prevents flavours from escaping.

Silicone Steaming Lid kitchen tool - foodalaya

#8: Folding Chopping Board

Need more storage space while chopping? This is the board you need!


Folding Chopping Board kitchen tool - foodalaya

#9: Chilli herb infuser

Now infusing herb/spice essence is easy with this tool.

Chilli herb infuser kitchen tool - foodalaya

#10: Sandwich Knife

Now you can make the perfect bread slices for sandwich in half the time.


Sandwich Knife kitchen tool - foodalaya

#11: Cake Server

Fighting over which piece of cake is bigger? Go for this tool and get perfect slices of cake

Cake Server kitchen tool - foodalaya

#12: Avocado cuber

Scooping and making cubes of avocado has never been simpler than this


Avocado cuber kitchen tool - foodalaya

#13: Garlic press

Hate touching raw garlic? This tool makes things easy for you.

Garlic press kitchen tool - foodalaya

#14: Jalapeño Corer

Removes core and seeds of Jalapeno in seconds.


Jalapeño Corer kitchen tool - foodalaya

#15: Corn Stripper

Have tough time removing kernels from corn? This tool is the solution!

Corn Stripper kitchen tool - foodalaya

#16: Strawberry Huller

One poke is all you need to remove the leaves, stem and hull from strawberry!


Strawberry Huller kitchen tool - foodalaya

#17: Cherry Pitter

Now punch out the stones of whole cherries with one go easily.

Cherry Pitter kitchen tool - foodalaya

#18: Garlic Peeler

Peeling a garlic has never been easier than this!


Garlic Peeler kitchen tool - foodalaya

#19: Microplane® Rasp Grater

You can quickly zest anything from citrus fruits to hard cheese!

Microplane Rasp Grater kitchen tool - foodalaya

#20: Herb Mill

Quite an easy way to mince large quantities of herbs.

#21: Pizza Scissors Spatula

Messy, unequal pizza slices every time? Not fair right? Use this tool to get perfect pizza slices.


Pineapple corer kitchen tool - foodalaya

#22: Herb Scissors

Snip snip snip! Your herbs are cut evenly and with little effort.

Herb Scissors kitchen tool - foodalaya

#23: Adjustable Rolling Pin

Now you can easily roll dough into different thickness by just adjusting the height of rolling pin.


Adjustable Rolling Pin kitchen tool - foodalaya

#24: Pineapple corer

Coring a pineapple has never been this easy!

Pineapple corer kitchen tool - foodalaya

#25: Mango pitter

Remedy the single hurdle to enjoy the most delicious fruit: mango, by removing the odd pit.


Mango pitter kitchen tool - foodalaya

#26: Strawberry slicester

Ultimate gadget for anyone who loves strawberry pie, fruit salad, strawberry tarts and so on.

Strawberry slicester kitchen tool - foodalaya

#27: Cake batter dispenser with measuring label

Cupcake confusion? With this tool you can measure the batter and pour exactly same amount of batter every time


Cake batter dispenser with measuring label kitchen tool foodalaya

Cook smarter, not harder!

How did you find these tools? Cool enough? How many of them you use on daily basis? Do share your experience via comment section.

Till then, take care.