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I have got my Period!!!

Yes, it is that horror time of the month that dares the entire woman kind to stay sane without buckling down. You’re not alone if you go through a complete roller-coaster ride of emotions while PMS-ing or tackle extremely severe (words cannot define… pinky swear!) menstrual cramps in those 5 days.  That time of the month can cause us to indulge in some serious unhealthy habits to cope up with mood swings, heavy flow and maddening pain.

So, darlings, if you are sailing in the same boat, then don’t sulk, I have actually got a list of ‘What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain’… meanwhile let’s not fret about mood-swings and binge eating, (french fries, anyone?)

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Why Do You Get Painful Period (Dysmenorrhea)?

In Medical Science menstrual cramp is classified into two types, Primary and Secondary. Primary pain often begins shortly before or at the onset of a cycle and continues upto 3 days; while secondary pain is caused by disorders in woman’s reproductive organs. These cramps start earlier and last longer than usual.

Causes for Menstrual Cramps

When your uterus muscle contracts too strongly, it presses against blood vessels, cutting off oxygen supply. Pain shoots up when muscle temporarily loses its oxygen supply. Contraction of Uterus is the most common cause.

Cramping can be a problem when women have reproductive organs diseases including;

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Foods To Eat During Your Period to Relieve Pain

Painkillers might not always be the best thing for your body.  Therefore my list of What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain can be pretty handy during your blue days.

But remember ladies, these foods help to relieve pain that’s caused by Uterus Contraction. If you deal with frequent severe pain, then its better you consult a gynaecologist for meaningful insight to your condition.

1) Water

Drinking water relives muscle tension, eliminating cramps, prevents bloating and reduces unhealthy cravings.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 1

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2) Dark Chocolate

Handful of dark chocolate relaxes your muscles, improves your mood and keeps you happier than any junk food. So, devour as much as you can, buddy!!

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 2

3) Fenugreek Seeds

This pungent flavoured seeds are most effective to relax your uterus muscles. The food also instantly cools down your stomach and gives you relief from PMS. Soaked fenugreek seed water is good for period pain.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 3

4) Bananas

Just like a banana post exercise session, eating the fruit twice a day during your menstrual cycle will help your muscle relax and brighten your mood.  Also, 16 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong (And How to Cut Fruits the Right Way) 

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 4

5) Hummus

Hummus’ primary ingredient is Chickpea and chickpea is a healthy and nutrient rich menstrual cramp reliever. A cup of hummus also helps you to get a good night’s sleep.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 4

6) Pineapple

The summer fruit has multiple benefits; it stops bloating, reduces hunger pangs, enhances your happy hormones and most importantly prevents muscle cramp by easing the uterus.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 6

7) Green Tea or Chamomile Tea

Tea, especially Green and Chamomile are perfect companions for Period pain. A cup of tea will soothe irritation, reduce cravings and loosen up uterus muscles.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 7

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8) Low Fat Yoghurt

Any dairy product, especially Yoghurt is good as they are loaded with calcium that you would require to relieve period pain.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 8

9) Celery, Spinach and Kale

Leafy greens are great source of calcium that helps eliminate stomach cramps. If you don’t like them, consume them as smoothies.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 9

10) Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are packed with Omega 3 which stops muscles tensing up. A spoonful of flaxseeds will do the magic.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 10

11) Walnuts

A handful of crunchy walnut is all you need to take the muscle pulls and cramps away.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 11

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12) Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t love Peanut butter? One teaspoon of butter is rich in Vitamin E, which is extremely helpful in relaxing muscles and stopping inflammation.

What to Eat During Period to Reduce Pain 12


With my list, now you know what to eat during period to reduce pain. However, food is not the only remedial measure. To relieve menstrual cramps, you should also try relaxing a bit to relieve stress and anxiety, exercise often,  massage lower back and abdomen, avoid caffeine and excessive salt and most importantly, practice Yoga.

Dear Readers,

Do you have any particular food in mind that eases our period cramps? Do let us know in the comments. 

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