Water Rich Foods Which Are Easily Available

We might have all heard this rule – an adult must drink 8 glasses of water per day. With our busy schedule and stuff this seems quite daunting. Let me tell you a secret: it isn’t necessary one has to drink loads of water to stay hydrated. There’s a much smarter way to get the health and skin benefits of water for our body. It is by eating our way into it. This article mainly focuses on alternative and readily available water rich foods which will help your body stay hydrated all the time.

Why We Need to Consume More Water Rich Foods?

Owing to our busy lifestyle, drinking water all the time is not possible.That is where water rich foods come handy. We wisely need to make it part of our diet and not just rely on water for sufficient hydration to the body.

Water is very essential for our body. There are important functions in our body which is fuelled by water. One must include enough water in their diet in order to:

1) Fight Fatigue 


2) Regulate Blood Pressure


3) Stop Asthma


4) Reduce Skin Allergies and Infections.


5) Reduce Cholesterol


6) Eliminate Disorders

7) Flush Toxins and Bacteria from the Body


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8) Speed up Recovery of Broken Cartilages.


9) Cut Those Unwanted Calories


10) Stay Young by Slowing the Aging Process

Younger and older woman with hourglass

11) Improves Mood Instantly


List of Water Rich Foods 

Apart from water, there are magical fruits and veggies which will keep your body hydrated. Now you can easily quench your thirst with these highly juicy fruits and veggies composed of close to 90% water.


100ml, filled with 96% of water cucumbers are low on cholesterol and are the perfect snack for anyone feeling thirsty.

cucumber slice

Iceberg Lettuce

300ml, A very natural way for restoring water in your body by spicing up your salads with this lettuce.



38ml, crunchy, fibrous and packed with minerals and about 95% of water.



115ml, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Enough said.


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122ml, high on vitamin C and water content. These help in providing instant energy for your enervated body.



40ml, these are sweet and spicy and are a must have in your salads.



109ml, pop them up with cheese as a perfect low sodium snack.


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73ml, these are high in nutrients and water, break it and add it in your salads right away!

Green Peppers

50ml, these could be a great pre dinner snack. I never get bored of these.



 73ml, loaded with fiber and vitamin C, these berries are going to make you feel good right away.



92ml, filled with salt, potassium and water makes it the perfect combo for rehydration.


26ml, these are not only filled with water but are also high on antioxidants and fiber.



68ml, a handful of apricots could be a perfect snack for you post workout or some outing to restore energy



26ml, these powerful florets are filled with potassium and other good things which flush out toxins from your body.



72ml, these juicy water rich tangy fruits can help reduce your weight and in detoxification.

Grapefruits on a wooden table.

Baby carrots

63ml, these are yummy and form a great ingredient for your salads or as an evening snack.



100ml, these are low on calories and is a perfect dessert for the sweet lovers out there.


Star fruit

120ml, these are sweet and have a juicy texture like pineapple



120ml, just like cucumber, these are made of almost 90% water; add some zucchinis in your pastas or pizzas.


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Bell Peppers

50ml, the perfect combination along with tomatoes, onions and carrots for a salad.



115ml, these are light, crunchy and taste great.



70ml, mangoes are my favorite fruit for instant rehydration.



69ml, these berries are filled with vitamin C and high on water content.

pile of Raspberries in punnett


118ml, these are rich in water and carbs, those on a weight loss diet beware!


Wild Blueberries

68ml, high on antioxidants and useful for flushing out toxins from your body.


Red Seedless Grapes

78ml, these grapes can replace sodas and other unhealthy cravings by drinking them up as a juice or as a snack.



70ml, rich in vitamin C and makes the perfect refreshing snack. Can be combined with other fruits in smoothies.


Experts Advice on Rehydrating the Body

The smartest way to ensure your skin is beautiful and get all the health benefits of water is to consume water rich foods rather than flooding yourself with bottles of soda or carbonated drinks. Following are few suggestions from experts in the food industry.

1) Chia Seeds for Rehydration


“These pretty seeds absorb a great quantity of water when they are soaked and are good for rehydration.”

Add them to water and drink it up for instant rehydration.

2) Avoid Sugary Drinks


One must be careful while having caffeinated drinks or sodas.

These culprits make you feel good but actually cause you to lose more water than rehydrate the body. Instead try these 14 Natural Energy Drinks Everybody Needs This Summer (#2 is My Favorite)

3) Drink Coconut Water


It’s always good to drink coconut water after a long tiring day for rehydration.

4) Try Smoothies


Take out a combination of fruits or vegetables and make a healthy smoothie out of them. These are highly nutritious and yummy too.

Hydration is not just for the active people out there or the athletes, it’s necessary for everyone. Your body could lose water just like that even if you aren’t doing anything. Just remember to pump your body with all the necessary nutrients especially water rich foods to ensure you will be highly energetic throughout. To add on, you can also make your own salads and cocktails using these water foods and carry them along.

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