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In my opinion embracing nature and cherishing every bit of it can be one of the best gifts you can present self.  Wildlife is an important part of Mother Nature. One of the comforting ways to enjoy wildlife is by feeding them and nothing can be more amazing than having your own Homemade Bird Feeder at the backyard of your house.

Cousin’s backyard turned into a lovely Sanctuary…

My cousin’s house has a large courtyard, and every winter we as in the kids, make Unique Bird Feeders and place them in the garden and among the trees. Trust me the first time we tried, we were totally baffled by the number of birds that came by throughout the season. It started as a pass time but soon turned out to be a meaningful aspect our Christmas holidays. 

Even today the young ones get fascinated by the colours, sizes and the mellow chirping and nibbling sounds. It’s been 5 years; the number of our winter guests has increased in manifolds. If you place the feeders strategically, you shall be lucky enough to get a closer view of most migrating birds around.

I totally believe it’s a very good exercise for the kids during the holidays. What’s heart-warming about the days is to see how actively and kindly the children take part in feeding the birds. Their act of humanity certainly helps the birds in the neighbourhood.

Our Bird Feeding Guide

We usually don’t buy any expensive feeder; in fact we don’t buy at all. We rather use whatever stuff is available at home to create few good and lasting ones. However, you should know the rules of feeding the chirpers. For example we should not feed things that would harm the wildlife.

Migrating birds need more energy; hence it is good to keep more feeders during winters when the food sources are depleted. Make sure you place the homemade bird feeders where the birds feel safe. Scatter them around bushes and shrubs but keep a distance of 12 ft. You can also hang most of the feeders from branches of trees, porches or verandas.

Food for the Birds….

Human food doesn’t add any nutritional value to birds, hence try avoid giving them chocolates or left overs. Although the type of feed differs in each season, here’s a list of nourishments that your kids can offer to their flying buddies;

  • Millet
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Suet cakes
  • Corns
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Cereals
  • Nectar and
  • Nyjer seeds

And finally, for your holiday inspiration here I have compiled more than 50 Unique Homemade Bird Feeders Ideas. I have tried most of them. They are easy and quick DIY bird feeders you can reproduce with your kids at home and spend time bird-watching.

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50+ Unique Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas

1) Milk Carton

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2) Window Feeder

3) Tea Cups

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4) Plate and Bowl Feeder

5) Wine Bottle

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6) Mason Jar

7) Soda bottle and Wooden Spoon

8) Flavour with Pine cone

9) Paper Plate and Cheerio

10) Citrus Fruit Bird Seed Feeder

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11) Recycled Spares Feeder

12) Toilet Paper Roll

13) Paint Tin

14) Cheerio and Blueberry Rings

15) Terracotta Flowerpot

16) Plastic Juice Jug

17) Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders

18) Edible Ice Wreath Homemade Bird Feeder

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19) Mesh Bag and Gooey Ball

20) Bread Bird Feeder

21) Dried Edible Gourd Bird Seed Feeder

22) Bagel Rings

23) Knitted Pouch Bird feeder

24) Coconut Shell Bird feeder

25) PVC Pipe

26) Others

Most of these Unique Bird Feeders will not cost you much.  The parts could be easily found at home; in the kitchen or in the attic. All you would need is a pair of scissors, hot glue gun, strings and ropes, paints and brushes and seeds.


  • Instead of peanut butter you can use gelatin to make a quickie jelly based feed wreath.
  • For gelatin wreath, you have to let the mixture rest for 10 hours before hanging.
  • Dry the gourd properly before using. Make sure there’s no mould growth.
  • Whenever you are using recycled spare parts ensure that they are not rusted or contain any sharp objects.

Dear Readers,

Hope you enjoyed reading my article and got some inspirational Bird Feeding Ideas. If you know any unique way to feed birds then do let us know in the comments.

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