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small kitchen remodel ideas 7A kitchen is a place where magic is made through the food that you prepare for your family with love. However, many homemakers hate it when they have to endure limited space and other problems because of their small kitchen room. Thankfully, this is where small kitchen remodel ideas can save the day! Today we are going to share with you some of the most impressive and innovative, on the tight budget, small kitchen remodel ideas that even you can incorporate in your cook room.

These ideas are easy to implement and are reasonably inexpensive, so take a look and try to remodel your kitchen along the lines. 

Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

  1. Use the cutting board to extend your usable area

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0001

If you feel your kitchen-top counter is just too small for you to manoeuvre and use, then just keep your cutting board over your sink counter. Just make sure that the cutting board you are using is a good quality one.

This way, you will have more space on the counter.

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  1. Paint with bright colours

Your kitchen may look a bit dull with dark and grumpy colours. Just use bright colours, preferably white, to ‘liven up’ your kitchen. White, or bright colours, makes your kitchen more accommodating and visibly more spacious.

Also remember, painting your cabinets white can hide their age and the outdated style.

small kitchen remodel ideas 9

  1. Change the doors

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0021

If you do not have the budget to do a complete overhaul of your kitchen, then you can at least change the doors of your existing cabinets and drawers. You can also add new handles and drawer fronts, just to beef up the flair.

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  1. The right counter style

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0031

When you want your kitchen to sparkle like a new one, you can try installing new tiles for the counter. Granite tiles are a great way to give your cook room the new and the modern look. The change will not cost you that much, but it will certainly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Apart from the Granite, you can also use soapstone or slate.

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small kitchen remodel ideas 13

  1. Use quality lights

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0041

If you want to renovate your kitchen, then putting in new lights can be a great idea. Hanging in the pendant lights can work well with your boring or old kitchen.

small kitchen remodel ideas 4

small kitchen remodel ideas 15

In addition, overhead lights, placed right above the place where you cook, can make a huge difference. You can even opt for under-cabinet lights, if you want to be a bit adventurous.

  1. Don’t change your plumbing

Plumber hands fixing water tap with spanner

If you are in the process of changing your kitchen layout, make sure you do not disturb your plumbing. This will certainly save your budget and you can apply all that money for some other work. Also, try not to touch the utility lines too.

  1. Add in an island

small kitchen remodel ideas 27

small kitchen remodel ideas 28

Putting in an island—an independent counter preferable at the middle of your kitchen—to provide more usable area to your small kitchen. The island will allow more usage space, storage area, cabinet boxes, and seating area. In short, the island will add things that are deal for a small kitchen. You can also opt for portable islands.

small kitchen remodel ideas 16

  1. A new sink

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0061

If you believe your kitchen is getting a bit mundane and old, then try adding a new stainless sink to the whole dynamics. The sink, along with a sparkling new tap/faucet, would look absolutely stunning.

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small kitchen remodel ideas 18

  1. A wine rack

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0071

Keeping your wine in the cellar might be a great idea but having a small wine rack in your kitchen can add style to your cook room in a very inexpensive way. Keep the wine rack in a very prominent place, so that guests can spot it quickly.

small kitchen remodel ideas 19

small kitchen remodel ideas 20

  1. Use smart cabinet storage spaces

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0081

Boosting up the existing space or the capacity of your cabinets or drawers can be an expensive challenge. But using smart pullout trays and racks can easily change the way you use your cabinets.  These pullout racks and trays are quite inexpensive and they can easily fit in your budgeted small kitchen renovation ideas.

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small kitchen remodel ideas 22

  1. Install new hinges and glides

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0091

Are all the doors and the drawers in your kitchen making squeaking noises? Then it is time for you to change the hinges and glides on them. Changing these fixtures will easily— and very economically— make your kitchen ‘newer’ and much more efficient. Say no to door banging!

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small kitchen remodel ideas 24

  1. Go for open shelves

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0101

Instead of going for boring upper cabinets, go for open shelves. They look good and are more spacious than the general box cabinets. Moreover, they are quite economical.

small kitchen remodel ideas 25

small kitchen remodel ideas 26

  1. Keep what you can

Smart & Inexpensive Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas0111

If you are serious about a makeover of your kitchen and are adamant that you need to save money on it too, then you can exercise caution on what to throw away. Keep the things that are relatively in good condition and usable, they will certainly save money. 

Also, retain the things that can still grace your new kitchen’s outlook.

Renovating and redesigning your kitchen can be a huge headache. We believe these small kitchen remodel ideas can literally help you out of this turmoil.

If you believe these ideas are worth sharing with your friends, then please take the time to do so. Also, if you have any other cost saving idea, then feel free to share it with us at the comment section.  

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