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How many of you live to eat? I definitely do! And more or less everyone out there is a foodie in his own way. Food is appealing, always!! There is a menu that graces every occasion and every celebration. We have food for the sick, for weddings, for birthdays, for the defence, for night party and so on.

Did you know Realistic Miniature Food Art is a huge part of the food industry? In fact tiny Miniature Food Art Works have marked their place in many art galleries, shows and exhibitions around the world. If you have no idea what I am talking about then wait for the pictures. I have gathered 41+ Mind Blowing and Realistic Miniature Food Art Work created by amazing miniature artists from around the world.  Have fun going through them.

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41+ Realistic Miniature Food Art Work       

1) Food Art with Human Beings

Now you see here are millimetre sized dwarfs playing around with fruits and veggies. Nowadays these concepts are being used in weddings and other occasions as part of the celebration.

2) Tea Party

Did you see even the waffles are perfectly shaped? And not to forget the scorns and that tiny-mini burger!!! Sighhhh! Tea party or not, these minuscule can bring smile on any solemn face.

3) Desserts

Now how do I describe these delicacies in words? The cakes are worth a standing ovation. These are again trending theme decors for weddings, baby showers and kid’s birthdays.

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4) Salads

I would have definitely chopped my fingers off had I tried one of these salad palettes. Thinly sliced onion ring, of that size? Like seriously? I cannot even think of attempting them with the largest of onions.

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5) Fruits

Ingenious and Tempting!! Period.

6) Meals

If you think these are food, then you will be fooled to know otherwise. Presenting here are miniature food art cuisines from all over the globe; from Japanese sushi to Indian meals. Lets not forget the momos.

7) Drinks

Could be one of the best wines served to me; and a best drink tray ever.

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8) Veggies

Not only finely layered cabbages but microorganism sized garlic pods and spaghettis? How creative can they get? I love the colours that are spread over the chopping board. Weren’t the pics fabulous? I definitely think so. If given a chance I can go on and on about these Realistic Miniature Food Arts. They are so incredibly tiny yet intricately carved out. Did you know it takes around 4 – 5 hours to make one clay model that size? It also depends on the complexity of work. It might even stretch to 8-9 hours for each dish. Isn’t it stupendous?

Why the Tiny Adorbs are Reason for Our Hunger Pangs?

A year and half back a video channel named Miniature Space gave us the perfect idea of how it would be if food were made into tiny portions. I am assuming that their cute little videos inspired many artists to cultivate the art of miniature food carving. Having said that let me add that this practice was established long ago in 1917 in Japan. Back then Japanese restaurants placed their menu in the form of food art to appeal and lure customers. The trend is still followed in many eateries even today. However, the food art showcased then was much bigger in size.

Food Artists Exploding Online…

Today, the trend is exploding so much so that it is being considered as a serious profession. I did a little research and found that artists such as Stephenie Kilghast, Christopher Jobson, Shay Aron and Kim’s artefacts have made their way to global chartbusters. Their craftsmanship will make you wonder how wonderful yet complicated this art form could be. Their work will undeniably leave you with severe hunger pangs. In fact these artists have become so popular that people have started to place orders to buy their favourite food’s tiny version from them.

Stephenie Kilghast is one of the renowned artists in the industry who has her own line of Miniature Food Art Works in the name ‘Petiplat’. She is a French artist and uses polymer clay, paints and texture to create what you see above. You can also witness her works at Art Miniature Exhibition in Bordeaux.

You should definitely buy Food Accessories designed by Shay Aron if you are a foodie like me. I have gone through his products and they look ravishing.  Under the name Shay Aaron Miniatures, you can find his products online.

The food sculptures come in both forms: edible and inedible; the edible ones are actually prepared by the Japanese Channel, Miniature Space.

These Realistic Miniature Food Art Works not only look appetizing but they show us how creative an artist can get. Note that most of the items are of the size of a 5 cent coin but the amount of particulars and detailing that go into each item certainly needs keen observation and a great insight. Signing off for now, enjoy the cute food trail.

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Let me know in the comments which miniature artist you like the most.

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