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Since small food tattoos are ruling the world, I thought of getting done one on myself. Almost fair enough!!

But what would my cute food tattoo be like?

Being a foodie, my constant thoughts revolve around different cuisines, breakfasts, lunches and dinners. For me dinner, followed by a walk with an ice-cream cone in hand, can be the best date ever created by the romantics.

Food is the answer to all governing life issues, Period…

However, getting back to the topic at hand, what I am trying to convey with my food and tattoo fantasy is that tiny food tattoos can be one of the best possible ways to express our love for food.

The love for inks and food got me to compile…

When it comes to my favourite menus, I am pretty much creative in expressing my love. I persistently post and share pics on Instagram and Facebook. And yes, I make sure I try different cuisines every weekend as a way of relaxation and cultivating positive vibes. And my new found love for tattoos had to be inspired from food and the likes.

As I constantly sought change in my lifestyle, I wanted my tattoo not to occupy too much of space, be pretty and yet reflect upon my personality. With that note I searched and came across some really cute food tattoos on vogue and I am sure one of which I am gonna try on me soon.

So for all you tattoo and food lovers, compiled here are 50+ Minimalist and Cute Food Tattoos you have ever seen.

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50+ Cute and Small Food Tattoos

1) Fruits

Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherries, Apples and Strawberries can be best replicated tiny food tattoos. They are most commonly used and have endless ideas. cute-food-tattoos-24a

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2) Mushroom

How about having a mushroomy day?

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3) Lemons

When life offers you lemons, get yourself a lemon tattooed.

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4) Appetizers

Snacking with tiny food tattoos – Tacos, Sandwich, burgers and cupcakes

5) Halloween

Halloween pumpkin will never fail to amuse you.

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6) Funny

Funny side on – Adorable and Cute tattoo collection.

7) Ice cream

The clichéd one: You scream, I scream and we all scream for ice-cream

8) Cutlery

The thing that narrates the story of the food! Cutleries are fun if your life is depended on food; for instance if you are a chef.

9) Tea Cups

Tea is known as the drink of the royalty. So why not a tad bit etched permanently on you? For all those who love tea.

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10) Coffee Mantra

Cup of Coffee a day, keeps your stress level at bay.

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11) Master Chef

The quirky chef in you will definitely love these.

12) Say cheese!!! Burp; ooops!

The lover of cheese shall know the ‘cheegnificance’ of these ones (pun intended)

13) Yo, the Carrots and Bananas

Well make sure you don’t mess with bananas by giving it a different meaning all together.

14) Avocados as well?

Surprisingly, avocados  are also turning out to be a smart choice I say!

What you see above are ideas of trending small food tattoos. You can choose one from the above or get inspired by your own favoured food. However, remember tattoos are permanent and it does take a lot to get them removed. So whatever design you decide on make sure it is your choice. The best body parts where you can ink a tiny food tattoo could be fingers and toes, ankle, inside of your wrists, neck and feet.

A dinner post is temporary but a tattoo is permanent. With that note, I am signing off.

Dear Readers,

Hope the above tattoos matched your expectations. Let me know in comments which food shall be your tattoo inspiration.

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