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All your life if you have believed that the way you cut, peel and chop fruits is the right way then it is time to re-think and consider what I am going to introduce to you below: “How To Cut Fruits The Right Way”.

How To Cut Common Fruits The Right Way

Let’s admit not everyone is proficient in knife skills and if you are one of those whose mangoes and tomatoes slide the table while you try to peel them or when you notice the quantity of the kiwi waste is more than the actual fruit on your plate then you, my humble friend, need my directions on how to cut fruits easily with simple techniques (You will also have all your fingers intact).

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1) Avocadoes                          

Start by removing the ends; place the knife at the centre and cut around the hard seed. Twist the two halves to remove them from the seed inside.

2) Banana

Pre-slice bananas without peeling with a needle; poke holes along one of the vertical lines and move the needle left and right. Repeat the procedure leaving a gap of half inch.

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3) Watermelon

Cut the watermelons in half. Turn one half of the fruit up-side down on a chopping board. Take the peel off from the top. Now make desired slices by turning the board.

4) Mangoes

You can cut the fruit in two ways, one with the knife and the other with the peeler and knife.

We have also shown you how to peel mangoes using glass without creating any mess.

5) Strawberries

Easiest way to core a strawberry is by pushing a straw through its tail end and sliding upwards. Also, see how to make a perfect strawberry rose.

6) Apple

Like Mangoes, you can cut an apple in multiple ways. Our video tells you how to cut fruit easily in five delicious ways. Enjoy watching, and also learn some easy apple preserving hacks.

7) Oranges

Learn how to cut fruits the right way without much effort, especially the juicy oranges. Slice the orange on the peel until you make a complete circle and cut the peel in two halves. Push a large spoon inside the skin and work your way around to remove the skin from the fruit.

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8) Peaches

Peaches are cut exactly like avocadoes, but here we have to make two ninety degree cuts around the fruit and then give a twist to loosen the fruit from its seed.

9) Grapes

Use two plates to slice a bunch of grapes at once.  Place grapes in one plate and cover them firmly with another. Now take a big sharp knife to slice through the grapes.

10) Kiwi

Peeling the kiwis with a spoon is probably the most appropriate way to cut them. Have a look.

11) Pomegranate

Remove the top by scoring the skin. Cut the all sides in the direction of the white panes, rip open the halves and de-seed by tapping the fruit with a ladle.

12) Plums

Take the knife down along the diameter of the plum and twist. Slice again around the circumference of the fruit with the pit and twist and there you go.

13) Pear

Cutting pears can be very easy if you can follow the given technique that carefully incises the halved fruit lengthwise to remove the core.

14) Cherry

Pitting cherry with a paper clip is the easiest way to deseed kilos of cherries for jams. Just push the clip, rotate and pop the seed right out from the stem end.

15) Cantaloupes

Cut the melon in two halves; peel of the green skin off from the top with a sharp heavy knife and then, proceed to scoop the seeds with the help of a big spoon.

16) Pineapple

Begin by cutting the ends, cut the fruit into four halves and remove the core with a sharp edged knife. Cut each portion into two halves again; slice each halves into desired cube size and finally sliver off the peel.

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