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Food blogging is complex! Why? Well first things first your dish is VIRTUAL! And secondly and sadly, you want your readers to savour on it through a screen. How?

Food blogging is undeniably a very challenging blogging niche because you, as a blogger, are here to tantalise all the active senses of your readers through the photographs and food stories you publish. And hence, so you don’t fall short in ideas, here are sought after Food Styling Tricks and Tips followed by pro food bloggers.

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How to Become a Professional Food Photographer

Food Styling Tips & Tricks

Small is Delicious

Audiences should be able to distinguish shape and size of the food included in the platter. Larger plates not only appear to be clamped-up but they are also hard to style and focus.  The trick would be to cut out a medium sized portion separately and present on a smaller dish.

Establish Mood

Blogging and food are synonymous to establishing right mood. Here’s an example, imagine you are veining romance and browsing through images on internet. Scrolling down, you reach a photograph that strikes to you as the swirling passion Swiss Alps hold and you devour into the article to view more. That’s when one should know he has struck the right cord with his audience.  Setting the right mood; be it festive, comforting or emotional is unquestionably vital.

Flirt with the Lights

The most important point in food styling tips and tricks ought to be the lights. Silhouettes, shadows, the sun and the reflectors are the key props that add texture, persona and depth to your food.

Supporting Cast is Must

Will you enjoy a movie if there’s only the lead pair and nothing, a central point or even a supporting character to accompany them? That’s what lack of support does to your food styling.  Props such as plates, mattes, muslin, gems, background, glasses, salt & pepper create the revolving story. Just so you know a bicycle can also be a great prop for a street food.

Fresh is Flamboyant

Food styling is all about luster, vibrancy and flamboyancy. And the three can be accomplished when you keep your food fresh for the photographs. Freshly baked works wonder; the smoke from a hot pilaf pot can be lustrous and remember, when styling few hours old dish, make sure you brush them with little oil to preserve the glaze. A spritzer is also quite resourceful stylist for desserts and glasses.

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Appeal with your Photography

Bring on the Oomph factor. What’s oomph? Well it’s when you see a photograph and your mouth starts salivating. You want your readers to go ‘Ooh and Aah, I want that right now’, every time they read your food blog. But make sure your focus remains right on the food.

Proximity is Passionate

If you want your readers to connect with your food give them the proximity to relish each ingredient and texture the dish elements. Few closer shots of the dish are very important for better comprehension. It exactly works like relationships.


Always remember, readers love stories. A story or anecdote that narrates how you got to eat the food or how the ambiance or the occasion interested you, add character to your food blog. Narration should be fun, food focused and definitely not lengthy.

Your soulmate – The camera

No matter what, where, who and which, if the camera is not great, you are doomed. Your foremost decision should be investing on an expensive versatile camera lens for great styling.

Uneven brings balance

One of the most exclusive styling techniques pro bloggers adopt is bringing in uneven and abstract styles. For instance instead of 4 plates place three or one; instead of all food – food bring in contrasting splash of colours on the matte or an out-of-the-box prop. Change your concept from kitchen to a bigger picture such as barn or fish pond or the garage?

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Don’t shy off from climbing a chair

Professional food bloggers are renowned because they are very precise with the three aspects of styling, Focus, Angle and Art. They travel lengths to create the perfect photography mood. If a particular angle is favourable and it can be established only by standing on top of a table, don’t shy off.

Throw instead

If you want to capture your readers with the quirky and rustic side of your dishes, then instead of arranging and placing, scoop drop – roll or splash. Especially when they are cookies, nutty crunches etc., letting the food scatter until they rest projects a natural set up.

Smears works!

Little did you know styling is always not about clear table, white plates, organised kitchen? At times, the grease from the oven plate, the burnt butter or even the smears around the barbeque look much natural and less deliberated.

Key Ingredients

The most important is to showing off the key ingredient and the best feature of the dishes. Wherever possible make sure these two elements are well styled and captured.

Change and Evolve

And finally, make sure, as a blogger you play with your dishes. Presentation and colour does matter so does the concept and evolution. Surprise your readers with new dimensions of food that would leave them baffled.

Styling is innovative and is all about trial and error. These Food Styling Tricks and Tips hopefully help you to create a memorable experience of culinary visuals and inspire to be more developing.

Dear Readers,

Do you have any particular styling tip that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments so that even I can use it too.

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