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Parties, unlike family get-togethers and weddings, usually involve lots of hustle and bustle, hand-shaking and exchanging embraces and that’s why easy to pick up finger foods are ideal choice of fares for parties.

Finger Bites are even more fun to gobble when our fingers don’t get dirty.

Serving food in creative containers, in addition to the traditional place setting, definitely add flair to your celebration. And Creative Finger Foods Ideas for Parties would fairly turn out to be a less expensive, stress-free affair and an apt way to strike a conversation.

The only trick is to find appetizers that can be served outside the plate but that should also serve the purpose of gimmicking an elaborate menu.

Hence, for more clarity we have compiled here Creative Ways to Serve Finger Foods at Parties.

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41 Creative Ways to Serve Finger Foods at Parties

1) Potato Cups

Make your banquet vibrant by serving easy and quickie Finger Foods Ideas for Party in potato cups. Potato cups are readily available in super markets or you can just fry them at home. They grip the food perfectly well and are great appetizers by themselves. Try these Hash Brown Cups or the Spinach Potato Nest Bite in your next get together and enjoy a sublime evening.

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2) Icecream Cone Appetizer, Anyone?

Yes you heard it right! If you are not able to find an appropriate glass or cup for serving tiny portions, then make ice cream cones your ideal choice of plating. Line up the cones on a plate or serve them in cone holder; they look quite fancy in parties. Here’s a simple recipe of Corn Tortilla Cones

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3) Wontons and not Wantons

Well if not anything else, wontons do spice up the party with their quirky and appetizing look. Serve your finger food in wontons or make them a part of your finger food; either way, it works fabulous.

4) Party Night with Gin and Wine

Place your Seven Layered Dips or chicken nuggets or that tandoori marinated cottage cheese in skewer in wine glasses to make the presentation colourful yet earthen. Wine glasses looks their finest when served in evening parties that go long until the wee hours.

5) Martini Shots Glasses

Well, when we talk about easy bites and party, then shot glasses stand out as one of the most creative ways to serve finger foods. Shot glasses can be used in various styles for serving different finger bites; a little out of the box concept will take your party to yet another pleasing journey. Find here two different recipes that include shot glasses; Mini Grilled Sandwiches and Easy Pizza Dips

6) Tooth Pick can do lot more!!

When it comes to serving finger foods, don’t forget our effervescent companion, the tooth pick. You can also find different designs of tooth picks in groceries stores which you can use to grace your serving plates. Try the humble Tofu and Mini Cheese Balls Recipe for the toothpick combo.

7) Serve French Fries in Chip Fryer

Fry basket is another interesting option to serve mini foods such as French Fries or Chicken Wings. Make sure before serving there’s no grease sticking on and no skin-burning heat venting out.

8) Served on Wooden Trays

Wooden trays definitely add a rustic look to your presentation.  Make use of your chopping board or any other wooden tray to serve your favourite appetizer, be it onion rings or spicy mini burgers and start your evening party with a great conversation.

9) Bite Me(ni) with Spoons

If you have aplenty spoons handy, then try serving your mini bites in spoons. Add the Crispy Ravioli along with a tinge of your all-time favourite Marinara sauce and there you go, entice your guests with this non-messy easy to serve finger food idea.

10) With love, yours Baking Tray!

You can definitely try using baking trays directly out of the oven to serve your cute little muffins or the ever so lovely chocolate bruschetta. But, for safety, allow the tray to cool down to room temp before serving. Also, don’t forget to demould the baked items. The ready to serve direct from the oven broccoli nuggets will give you some ideas.

11) Store it the Mason Jar Way!

Mason Jars are great choice for serving or gifting finger foods at parties. You can also carry them for holiday brunches, picnics and pot lucks. Mason jars also keep the food fresh for longer hours. Try the crunchy Pecan Pie Bites or the Fruit Cheese Skewers for your family outing.

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12) Cupcakes on Paper Liners

Paper liners can be used efficiently to serve finger foods. They not only look clean but also produce an alluring visual effect. Melts in the mouth foods like Lasagne Cupcakes will standout well when served in paper liners. 

Did you know, not only finger bites, but in fact even desserts can be served in different fashion. All in all for fun ditch the traditional sit down mealtime, and bring a little wackiness in your evening with these creative Finger Food Ideas for Party.

Dear Readers,

Do you have any other idea to serve finger foods? Do tell us in comments.

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