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If Easter has to rhyme with anything, it ought to be the Egg (although they don’t rhyme…but never mind). So, Easter is one celebration that makes our little bunnies at home go wild in the event of Egg Hunting. On that note, here I have hoarded quite a few Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids.  These DIY ideas are simple to craft and can be a very enthusiastic spring time fun activity for the tots and also for the oversized kiddos (we)

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41+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Colourful Cellophane

Cellophane tapes are easily available in stationaries and can be one of the most resourceful Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids.

Paper Cloth Cut Outs

Take any designed paper cloth, cut in the shapes and use glue and water to wrap the paper cuts on the eggs.

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Clay Model

Mix clay in a bowl with water and pour inside the broken shell. Let it dry. Peel off the skin. You can add colours to the clay mixture as well.

Fortune Cookie…errrr Egg

This Easter help your bugs – bunnies hunt down fortune eggs instead of cookies.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed colourful flowers can turn the eggs into gorgeous floral art.

Water Colour Tricks

One of the easiest ways to keep your child glued to the decorating part is by using different water colours tricks; they are aplenty by the way.

Dried Leaves

Nature has plenty to offer. Dried leaves work best when creating vintage botanical designs.

Sketch Pens Tricks

Sketch pens and colour pencils are part of children’s life. They have amazing usages when it comes to Easter Egg Decorations.

Grains and Pulses

They are one of the most trending Easter Egg Decorating Ideas you can try this spring fete. All you need is different kinds of rices, lentils and pulses and little bit of hot glue. Isn’t this quite an interesting one?

Glitters and Stones

A little bit of glue, quite a few eggs and a bunch of glitters and stones and the result: squealing kids with lots of colourful eggs for the day.

Nail Paint ‘Egg’ Art

Nail Paints are easily available at home. Their thick texture and amazing tones can be the perfect material for an voguish abstract DIY Easter egg idea.

The Tattoo Way

Make your own metallic Easter egg this season with ready-made tattoos. And we don’t stop with just it, kids can decorate their Easter eggs with ready available sticker tattoos that comes in aplenty shapes of animals, birds, comic characters and what not.

Glue and Strings

Another simple yet creative design is colourful strings and threads with glue. You can also make a chain of beads to stick on the eggs.

Little Emojis

Give your child the pleasure of anime and ask them to paint their favourite emoji on the eggs.


Fallen bird feathers can be a beautiful eastern egg decorating idea. They look rustic and go with the theme perfectly.

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Silk Fabric Print

Wrap an egg in the silk cloth and place it on an old wash cloth. Bind the egg tightly. Immerse the eggs in boiling water with 3 – 4 tsp. of vinegar. Remove the cloths when the eggs cool off.

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Candle Dragon Flies

You can do a lot with melted paraffin wax. Here’s an interesting way to make tiny wax dragonflies on eggs.

The Chubby Minions

Our love for minions shall never grow old. So why not make some wobbly minion eggs this Easter?

The plain old dye is fading away with time. Now let’s go beyond creativity and hatch some funny and vibrantly crafted eggs for us to hunt. These simple Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids will make you think twice before going for the regular DIY kits for children.

Dear Readers,

Our easy to go DIY tricks are inspired from the basic things available at home. Hope they were a source for your inspiration too. Write to us about your favourite Easter- Egg décor.

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