Paper is very nifty and there is so much we can do with bits of paper if only we know to quirk up our creative side. When I was a kid, we did not have the luxury of technology so to own so many gadgets this generation kiddos are used to. Our play areas were simpler, exciting and colourful and involved too many hands and heads. And that made us to do lots of fun stuffs with paper.  However, if you want your child to stay away from the notorious play-stations, you can get him involved in creating Paper Food Crafts.

Food, fruits and veggies are few things your child is most familiar with and with old newspapers, coloured charts and scrap books, tissues, and felt paper, you can help your kid to experiment and craft beautiful miniatures in no time.

Today, I am going to share my favourite easy food craft ideas for kids. I try them with my nieces and nephews and trust me, you will definitely not realise the time pass by.

Keep Handy…

Ensure you have the necessary materials handy before you begin crafting;

  1. Paper – Crepe, Felt, Newspaper, Chart, Card Board, Hand Made, Wrappers, Old Notebooks
  2. Paper Scissors
  3. Glue (hot glue guns preferably)
  4. Crayons, Sketch Pens and Water Colours
  5. Threads and Ribbons
  6. Stapler and Stick tape
  7. Pencil, Measuring Scale and Eraser

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45+ DIY Paper Food Crafts Ideas for Kids

1) Strawberry

Strawberries run in the family. And they are extremely loved by the children.

2) Pizza

Pizzas are very simple to craft. All you need is few colourful papers, a card board, and scissors and glue. You can also add you toppings of your choice.

3) Banana

Your kid will be delighted to see a single sheet transform in to a banana.

4) Pumpkin

Pumpkins are famous Halloween craft. So next year, your child will be adept to create his own scary pumpkin out of papers.

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5) Apple

Apple is quite simple to replicate in paper. Given here are two different ideas of paper apple craft.

6) Nuts Box

Ask your kid to create a nut box for his favourite snack with a single squared paper.

7) Fruit

You can also shape fruits with cardboard circles, threads and ribbons.

8) Fruit Basket

That’s a very sturdy and handy fruit basket which you can ask  your child to make for your kitchen.

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9) Clementine

The clementines are made from crepe paper and foam ball. Don’t they actually look real? You can use them for decorating the kid’s room as well.

10) Mushroom

Mushroom is one my favourites. Hence here is a cute red and white mushroom paper food craft for kids.

11) Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are always appealing, and there are so many ways to craft them. Here’s one simple model with single coloured paper and lace.

12) Watermelon

Like birthday cakes, even watermelons can be paper crafted in different styles. This one is created with folded paper plates and colours.

13) Milk Carton

Create a complete fruit basket for school project with milk cartons, apple, fortune cookie and bananas.

14) Cabbage

Although cabbage is little tricky and your child might need your help but he will also get few extra points for the symmetrical outcome.

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15) Carrot

The cute bunny carrots are made of felt cloth and are perfect for Christmas tree décor.

16) Candy Box

Another creative and easy gift that kids can present their class buddies is a unique candy paper box filled with candies.

17) Ice Cream Cone

Ice creams are children’s most favourite dessert and hence here are three different types of Ice Cream Cones you can teach your child to craft.

18) Garbage Bin

Although, garbage bins cannot be called food, they are an essential part of the kitchen. And here it’s with newspaper.

19) Burger

This is a stick-on paper food craft idea for kids. All you have to cut in to desired shapes as per instructions and stick.

20) Chinese Dumplings

I love dumplings. And so here’s one for you.

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21) Fortune Cookie

Don’t have real cookies? A paper fortune cookie will serve the purpose at a party.

Want few more? Here you go…

Papers are so versatile that the options to reuse them are endless. Although, anything and everything can be fashioned with papers, food is something children never say no to; the processes aforementioned are simple and fun to craft and they can be recreated within minutes.

Being a part of huge toddler society, I know how difficult it is to think of newer ideas to keep children challenged and interested. And so, I have compiled yet another set of Paper Food Crafts Ideas that you can add in your bucket list.

food-crafts-for-kids-4 food-crafts-for-kids

Paper Food Crafts for Kids can be included as a preschool activity as well. The craft not only educates kids on various fruits and veggies but also keeps them physically and mentally active.  You can also innovate with the crafts by using them as festive decoration, for gifting etc. But make sure everything is done under parental guidance, especially when using hot glues and scissors.

Dear Readers,

Hope you liked these colourful paper foods. It would please me if you mention tricks and tips on paper crafts in the comments.


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