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Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 6Art is here, there and everywhere. People always try to find art in every possible thing, as everyone has an artistic side to feed. Art is not limited to canvases, boards and walls, art can be celebrated on all types of things.

One such common form of designing is known as latte art. Many coffee shops and coffee drinking enthusiasts adore coffee latte art designs and practise this form of creation regularly.

Culinary Designing is one of the most propounding and deep forms of the art that you can come across. Chefs and food makers from all around the world perceive that a cup or a plate is the drawing board and the food on it is the paint brush.

Art on your coffee cup is one of the best ways to portray your emotions and passion, and hence latte art designs are quite commonly made by artistic people. Since you are a coffee lover, you must know these 9 Myths About Coffee and Tea That Seriously Need to Die

So, here are 41 plus coffee latte art designs that we think you’d love to copy and create for your own cuppa coffee:

Coffee Latte Art DesignsCoffee-Latte-Art-Designs 1Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 2Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 3Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 5Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 6Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 7Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 8Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 9Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 10Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 11Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 12Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 13Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 14Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 15Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 16Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 17Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 18Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 19Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 20Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 21Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 22Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 23Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 24Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 25Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 26Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 27Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 28Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 29Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 30Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 31Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 32Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 33Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 34Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 35Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 36Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 37Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 38Coffee-Latte-Art-Designs 39

How to Make Coffee Latte Art Designs on your Own?

So now that you have seen these impressive designs, you might be wondering how to make these latte art designs on your cup of coffee? Even you can give a hand and try some of them out at home.

Few of latte art that you have seen here are maybe too complex for you to design, but at least you can give it a whirl and have a go at making the ones you feel are achievable.

Do remember, even making a good cup of coffee is an art which is difficult to master. Hence if you are comfortable making one, then trying your hand at coffee art would not be a bad idea. So, lets follow the steps below and start making designs over your cup of coffee:

Step 1: To make latte art designs, first you must be certain that the milk foam is good enough for your use. Take help of a mechanical steam wand or a frother and aerate a cup of warm milk over a pitcher for 8 seconds or so. The bubbles would disappear and the milk should look like white creamy paint.

Step 2: Now mix up the coffee espresso with little bit of the milk, and combine well to give it a light brown background at the bottom of the cup. And now, you get down to business with the most difficult and the challenging part.

Step 3: To create your desired design, tilt the coffee cup with one hand at a small angle and hold it there. With your free hand, place the pitcher as close as you can, preferably a single inch away, from the espresso mix.

Step 4: Keep pouring the milk at the centre of your cup till a white design starts to crop up. As your cup of coffee with designs and art is filling up, be sure to make adjustments to your pitcher in order to accommodate the design patterns and the liquid itself.

When your design is nearly done, remember to snap up the pitcher up immediately away from the cup or else it can overflow your design. And, there you have it; your very own coffee latte art, voi-la!

If you are not feeling that confident at first, then try out your skills on simple a ‘heart shape design’ over your cup of coffee. And later on, when you have better control over the pitcher, then you can try out and make much more complex cup of Coffee with design.

So, there you go, these are the coffee with designs that you can easily make and create. Create them and admire the prolific artist inside you.

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If you have any more designs to share with all the other coffee loves out there, then make sure to leave a message in the comment box. Till then, relish and try to copy the above mentioned Coffee latte art designs on your own cuppa.

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